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Best Weight Loss Program
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I would like to share to everyone especially to those that are diet, we try to lose those extra pounds that we have gain unconsciously, we might not notice it but almost every day we gain weight it is either we are at home or at work without proper control of what we eat and lack of exercise we just keep getting big, I know that because I share the same situation like others I work at an office, in front of my computer doing paper work, I get off an hour eating my lunch and going to rest room then getting back to my desk, as you can imagine, with this kind routine fat keeps building up in my body because due to lack of physical movement which helps digest what I ate properly, we all know that right? So the question is what other means to lose weight? It’s going on a DIET, that’s why I’m going to tell you about “The Diet Solution Program”.

The Diet Solution is a program that will guide people to a safe, healthy and natural diet. The author of this book Isabel De Los Rios had created this program because of her mother who is diabetic and overweight. After years of research the author was able to get her mother off the medication and helped her lose weight. This guide gives lots of great information on what kind of food we should eat and why.

It discusses the different types of metabolism and why we each react differently on what we eat, some of you may notice other people no matter how much they eat, they don’t get fat easily, it’s because of their metabolism, their body digest the food and burns the food much faster than other. This will guide you to determine your metabolism type and what ratio of protein/carbs/fats you should be eating and what food you should avoid.

There are a lot of people that have their own means of dieting some are doing low carb diets, some are doing low fat and some are doing high protein, we all have different tolerance for the food we eat. The author claims that once we eat the right kind of food for our body type we’ll able to relieve ourselves from fatigue and bloating. Then this shows us how many calories we need and how we’ll be allocating them by the servings of protein, carbs and fat throughout the day, you are encourage to have 3 meals a day, by doing this we won’t deprived our selves thus having to eat more than needed. I know a lot of you have those feeling that you can’t control yourself, because it’s your favorite food or sometimes, even though you want to go on a diet but when you smell something real good you just can’t help but have a bite.

The second half of this guide gives us in-depth information on the food we eat everyday such as dairy products soy, fats, organic foods, grains, salt and alcohol. Some of this will be an eye opener and you’ll discover the effects of food to our body. You know this is very important knowing this stuff; you’ll be able to eat healthy because you’ll know what right food to eat. Plus it includes a journal were you could track your progress, a quick start guide where everything that you’ve learned is summarized and recipes for delicious and healthy meals.

`The Idea of this guide is to change your lifestyle; it’s not just a short-term diet plan that after a few months we’ll get tired of doing or we’d stop doing once we’ve reach our goal but later on we’ll be doing it again because the result is temporary, what the author is trying to teach us is how to eat correctly and eat a lot healthier no matter what body type we are. The result might be slower but I assure the results will be more permanent, losing weight will be determined on how much effort and dedication you put into it don’t expect to lose weight fast, you’ll lose little by little until eventually your slimmer and more healthier.

Now as you know going on a diet is a big deal because by doing this in change lives for the better , we’ll gain knowledge of different types of body and how they react to different food so you’ll be able regulate what you’ll be eating every day, you’ll be fitter and healthier. Only few people have know that Diet has a lot of benefits for the human body at first you won’t notice but as you go along you’ll see changes not only in your body but also your lifestyle so don’t think of Dieting so lightly. This book and its author can guide you to a better lifestyle.

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