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Can You Satisfy Your Hunger While Shedding Unwanted Pounds?
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Can You Satisfy Your Hunger While Shedding Unwanted Pounds?

Undoubtedly at some point you must have seen a photograph of a built-up bodybuilder. When you saw one of these photographs did you ask yourself how they got so built up?

They had to consume a lot of food to get so built-up, right? Yet if they ate a lot of food they would get fat. You know that they are people, human beings like anybody else around them.

If we eat too much, we all gain weight. Besides, we have a tendency to put on the pounds as we grow older. How then do you eat enough to grow huge muscles without getting fat? What secret have bodybuilders uncovered that the rest of us have missed? It could be that they were blessed with very fast metabolisms.

Some bodybuilders no doubt have fast metabolisms, but the majority of them are just average people, and some may even have slow metabolisms. They have to be just like the rest of the population where they came from.

What's the answer then?

For a long time, bodybuilders have enjoyed a simple secret. They've discovered that if they eat five to six and even seven small meals a day, they can get the nourishment they need to grow large muscles and not gain excessive fat weight.

The best part is that there is no reason why the average person couldn't use the same eating plan. A key ingredient of this eating plan is to eat a balance of protein along with the carbohydrates needed for a well balanced diet. Also, you would avoid eating any fat that can easily be identified, and some that is not readily visible.

The principle behind this approach to a diet is that by eating sufficient proteins along with moderate amounts of carbohydrates, and eating this in six small meals a day, you cause your metabolism to speed up.

And as you know, a fast metabolism burns more calories, and does so in a shorter time. The net result is burning unwanted fat, plus all the calories in the food that is consumed each day.

Another way of imitating what bodybuilders do is to exercise regularly. This will also contribute to a faster metabolism, with the benefits already discussed. Naturally, the average person following this plan would not engage in the heavy and strenuous exercise routines of the bodybuilder.

The average person would follow a moderate exercise routine that would promote weight loss and produce good physical fitness. Following this approach, both for men and women, will not produce the large muscles of a bodybuilder. So there is no need for concern in this regard.

However, what can be expected is a physically fit, youthful looking individual that can continue with an eating and exercise plan like this indefinitely. It only needs to be modified slowly as your target weight is approached.

You do not want to continue losing weight indefinitely. The adjustments you make will be primarily in the amounts and types of food you eat till you reach a break-even point.

You can now maintain your new, ideal weight indefinitely.

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