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Cheat Your Ab Fat Away
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How To Cheat Nature To Get A Flat Stomach

Once you understand how the four components of ab fat elimination work, diet, sleeping, drinking, and exercise and once you have them all working for you there are ways that you can cheat mother nature and meet your goals faster.  Now I am not talking steroids or illicit drugs, those are dangerous and do not give you gret long-term results.

metabolic Enhancements

You metabolism is the rate at which your body is using energy.  As you probably know, it varies during the day depending on your level of activity and other factors.  As we seek to cut ab fat what we are trying to do with the four components of ab fat removal is keep our metabolism high and our calorie intake low.  This forces the body to use fat as its energy and we lose ab fat that way.

There are two sides to this inequality and that is reducing the amount of calories we eat and increasing the amount of calories we burn.  There are things you can do that have nothing to do with exercise that can boost your metabolism and cause your body to burn even more ab fat.

Cinnamon And Such To Burn Ab Fat

Taking 1 tsp of cinnamon in the morning can triple your base metabolism.  You can take it streight or get it in capsule form.  Just don't get it from hot cinnamon rolls.  Another thing you can do is to take 1000 mg of vitamin D3.  This will boost your metabolism and cause you to burn an extra 220 calories.  The tricks don't stop there.  If you drink water every day and you should, make it ice water.  Your body will have to warm it up and that will burn an extra 80 calories per 64 ounces of water. Also, eat at least 250 calories for breakfast.  It gets your metabolism started and gets your ab fat burning

Go Outside To Burn Ab Fat

Just being outside in the sunshine for 10 to 15 minutes will boost your metabolism and while your about it go on a brisk walk because that will boost your calorie burn even more.  Park far away from the building so you have to walk to and from your car.  Take the stairs instead of the elevator or escalator.  All of these little thins add up.  These can be so successful in fact that Jon Benson, author of the best-selling book Fit Over 40 has developed another program based on these ideas that can cause your body to burn 1100 extra calories a day.  It is called The 7 Minute Diet.

Energy Drinks To Burn Ab Fat

Here is where I get into trouble because I like energy drinks and the common wisdom of the day says they are bad for you.  Well, I do not drink the high caffeine sugary one, but instead I drink the 5 Hour Energy type.  One of these puppies first thing in the morning and I feel great all day.  A trick I use is to go to a discount store like The Dollar Tree where I can get them for $1 instead of the $3.75 they charge at my local grocery store.  That way I can buy a months worth for only $30.

If you take them about 20 minutes before your morning work out you will get a lot more from that work out.  OK, so I have done my bad deed for the day, but just remember most experts will be throwing stones at me for this little cheat.

With these cheats and using the four basic components of ab fat reduction which you can find in my ab fat report, you can quickly begin to enjoy results from your efforts.  That tight mid-rift cute little number that you've been dying to wear.

Get my ab fat report to get a lot more information about getting rid of ab fat fast!

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