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Christmas And Other Festive Occasions - Is It Possible To Lose Or Maintain Our Weight
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Christmas is almost upon us and for all the weight watchers out there it is frequently yet another reason to stress. We stress enough all year regarding our body shapes and whether we're doing enough exercise or following the correct eating plan. When Christmas or any other festive occasion arrives such as Thanksgiving, a birthday, wedding or any other major function, we go into overdrive panicking about how we can maintain the weight we have already successfully lost.

For all you people in that mindset at this very time, I have good news. Yes it is possible and it doesn't take a whole lot of willpower or denial. So how is it supposed to happen then if you've been struggling all year long? It simply comes back to mindful eating and I'm going to explain precisely what you must do but firstly you must remember a few things regarding any change in your eating style.

  • Don't expect to change your eating habits overnight.
  • Only make one change at a time.
  • The slow and steady approach will increase your odds of maintaining any changes.
  • Don't eat in front of the TV or newspaper.
  • Be aware of what you are eating.
  • Don't speed eat.
  • Don't skip meals or snacks.
  • Don't over indulge just because it's a special occasion.
  • Watch your salt intake; peanuts, popcorn, chips and other salty snacks.
  • Follow these instructions and you'll have a far greater chance of keeping your new lifestyle.

This might seem like a lot to absorb but if you think carefully before attending your special function you will succeed. Maybe you might not actually lose anything much but it will help you understand that you really are capable of handling food and it is actually not the enemy.

Another point I would like to dwell on is the speed in which we often eat especially if we are not eating mindfully. This is most likely to happen if you make a habit of eating in front of the TV, or perhaps you're reading whilst consuming your meal or snack. Fair enough, this is not as likely to happen at a wedding but frequently over Christmas people have the TV on in the background and the snacks spread out invitingly on tables. Beware of this trap and think carefully before helping yourself to the available food; are you really hungry or is it simply a compulsion to reach out for the food simply because it is there.

Regarding the eating of salty snacks like popcorn, peanuts and crisps; they are not only high in fat especially if the popcorn is coated in butter, but the extra salt intake will absorb fluids in your body which contributes to that horrible bloated feeling.

It's not difficult to put these tips into practice, it is simply a case of eating mindfully or thinking before you eat. Enjoy your party and remember that with a little bit of thought you will maintain your weight throughout this festive season.

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