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Dangers Of The HCG Diet
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There has been a lot of controversy surrounding the HCG diet. Some say it is a miracle weight loss program, and others are speaking out about the dangers of the HCG diet. So how do you decide whether the HCG Protocol is right for you? Learn about the the thousands of satisfied HCG dieters, and those opposed because of the dangers of the HCG diet.

Opinions Against HCG

I recently came across an article at from Cardiologist Sarah Samaan denouncing the HCG Diet. She referenced a patient she called "Tom." He had been admitted to the ER due to a heart attack. He eventually revealed to her that he had been on the HCG Protocol. She never flat out states his attack was brought on by the HCG, but there is no denying her implication.

The only side effect she points out is the increased risk for blood clots. Keep in mind the risk of blood clots goes up with surgery, cancer treatment, even from long trips in trains, cars, buses, and planes.

If you have ever seen a commercial on television for a new medicine, you have probably heard the narrator rattle off some side effects of the drug. For example, Lyrica is currently being used to treat pain associated with fibromyalgia. The makers of Lyrica state it may cause serious, life threatening allergic reactions. I am not one to say this shouldn't be an option to consider for treatment, especially since I have never lived with this condition. I am simply pointing out there are many treatment programs that have side effects associated with them.

Dr. Samaan also speaks about how "Tom" had been taken in by the clinic that prescribed his HCG injections. My question is, how many medications have doctors prescribed to patients for anxiety, birth control, blood pressure, etc, which have since been pulled off the market due to their harmful ingredients?

She made no mention of what other meds she or other doctors had him on, and she even stated his blood pressure and cholesterol had improved since he had lost 30lbs on the diet. Best of all, she later mentions there was no way of knowing the heart attack was brought on by the HCG!

Supporters of HCG

If you enter any HCG diet forum, or read comments on anything relating to the diet, there are numerous accounts of HCG success. There are, of course, ocassional comments of negative experiences and the dangers of the HCG diet. Read some of this information for yourself, get both sides, and weigh out (no pun intended) the pros and cons about HCG and weight loss.

The Side Effects

Some HCG suppliers are advertising that there are "no side effects" on the HCG diet. I don't feel this is right to claim. Yes, I believe in the HCG diet 100%, but there is no denying the experiences that others have had. When it pertains to your health and well-being, it pays to be informed about the dangers of the HCG diet:

  • Headaches, usually subsiding after the first week
  • Blood clots (only applies to injections, not drops)
  • Hair loss
  • Mood swings
  • Constipation, which can be treated with mild laxative

Do your research, and speak with your doctor about your thoughts and findings before starting the diet.

There are many nay-sayers speaking out against the HCG diet, usually people who have never had an issue with being overweight. It is easy for skinny people to tell others they need to "eat healthy and exercise." We "fat people" realize this is what we are suppose to do! But it isn't so easy to actually put it into action. Until you have been 50+lbs overweight, and you have experienced the regret of eating a half-carton of ice cream at midnight, you really can't try and tell the obese this miracle diet is a scam.

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