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Detox Diets - The Effectiveness
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Detox Diets   -   The Effectiveness

Firstly what is meant by detoxification within the body and why does it play an important part in trying to lose tummy fat fast.

The process of detoxification is when the liver neutralizes or eliminates toxins from the body by processing them chemically into less harmful compounds. The liver produces bile, an alkaline compound that aids in digestion.

Basically anything Toxic that enters the body is detoxified by the liver.

When the liver is in a toxic state or overload, your body creates nasty metabolites that the liver can't breakdown. This causes all the toxins to be thrown into your bile, which then thickens, making it harder for the body to break down fat in your system.

The Symptoms of Toxic overload includes:

  • Physical conditions - overweight, constipation,bloated bowel.
  • Neurological symptoms - nerve related conditions such as tingling sensation in hands or feet, mood changes - anxiety,aggression and depression.
  • Skin conditions - acne, psoriasis, dry skin.

These symptoms are the result of unnatural substances that are either consumed or absorbed by the body through the skin or mouth.

Examples include:

  • Processed food - Junk Food , high in hydrogenated fats and unnatural chemicals.
  • Drinks - Alcohol, carbonated drinks, sugar loaded drinks, sugar free drinks (chemically induced).
  • Skin products - soap, shampoo, deodorant, sun block
  • Environment - air pollution
  • Medication - unnatural

So If we want to lose tummy fat fast, how do we deal with these toxic symptoms.

Well, the first point of call would be to reduce or even eliminate certain products that are creating the overload. Now I'm not suggesting - 'Don't use shampoo because it contains harmful chemicals'. The liver can deal with most of these chemical toxins but it might be worth looking at our diet and what we are consuming through our mouth.

This is where Diet Detox comes to the rescue, a huge boost when trying to lose tummy fat fast. Eating the right foods and eliminating foods that have harmful ingredients (Hydrogenated fats). Vegetables are the right foods, as they contain antioxidants which help metabolize the toxins in your body.

Drinking the right type of liquids such as water, purely squeezed lemon water and herbal teas rich in antioxidants, help flush out the toxins through our urinary tract. Examples include Green Tea or Ojibwa (Native American Tea).

Lemon water from pure lemons helps thin out the bile.Toxins thicken bile, thus eliminating its a ability to lose tummy fat fast.

Drinking 3 - 4 litres of water a day ensures that larger amounts of toxins will be flushed out as the body goes into a cleansing mode.This goes hand in hand with exercise, as when we perspire, toxins are passed out through the pores of our skin.

Just a simple lifestyle change, tweaking our diet with natural ingredients, will reduce excessive toxins, helping one to lose tummy fat fast and effectively.

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