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Does Drinking Water Help You Lose Weight?
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Did you know that drinking water throughout the day helps to cleanse your liver and kidneys, allowing your body to excrete hormones efficiently. I would recommend, at least three liters per day. Apart from flushing toxins and waste from your body, it will also increase your metabolism, and this is what you are looking for to enable you lose weight.

From a research done by Michael Boschmann, MD, from Berlin's Franz-Volhard Clinical Research Center, it was amazingly found out that, after drinking seventeen ounces of water, the rate at which calories burned increased by 30%, which occurred within ten minutes of water drinking and after 30 - 40 minutes, it reached to maximum. The research showed that , in course of one year, if a person increased the consumption of water by 1.5 liters on daily basis, you would burn an extra 17,400 calories, which is approximately about 5 pounds. In other words, you would be losing a weight of five pounds. Is that not amazing?

Please note that, this does not include the daily exercise and meals have put on your schedule. Be advised that, as your rate of metabolism increases due to exercise and meals, this will also increase the amount of calories burned by drinking water.

The other benefit of drinking water is that it helps you curb your appetite. Water fills you up, and basically you have a feeling of fullness and satisfaction, no need to eat. To make it even better, drink water before meals and the results over time will be amazing. You lose even more weight faster.

Drinking water will also help you being hydrated, keep skin and hair soft, not forgetting that also your brain will function fantastic and you feel more energetic. Craving is often a sign of plain dehydration, not a cry for food. So carry a bottle of water or iced herbal tea to combat those sugar attacks. Drinking two to three liters of water on daily bases will burn fifty to seventy-five more calories, and speeds up your metabolism. When that time comes and you feel like taking a soda pop, this is the time you will grab your bottle of water. And in fact, it is why it is advisable to carry with you a bottle of water to avoid all the temptations to buy a soda.

Let me give you some tips for adding more water into your body.

  • Make a goal of how many liters or ounces of water you will want to drink per day.
  • Purchase a water bottle which is labelled terms of capacity; how much it can hold.
  • Make a point of drinking water before you take a meal.
  • Take some water, immediately you wake up in the morning before you take your breakfast
  • If possible, increase your water intake over time, until you reach your limit.

By following the above advice, you will lose weight without even walking into the gym. Choose what you can live with and start losing for longer and start living stronger.

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