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Does Emotion Determine My Food Intake?
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Why do people become overweight. Did you ever think that emotions would play a part in what and how much you eat? Is there such a thing as emotional triggers?

Psychological reasons play a large part in why people want to eat more. There are things that you can think of right now in your own life that are happening that you know make yo want to eat more.

There are many emotional triggers that will make a person crave and ultimately eat more food. Our brain is a powerful endity and so has a lot of say in what we eat and how we think about food. We all have stress, sadness and in a lot of cases even face depression which all can lead to unhealthy eating habits.

Have you ever eaten more food just so you would feel happier or comfortable? Ah, good old comfort foods. We must realize we are emotional creature's and try not to let our emotions get the better of us. Emotions can certainly be associated with how we think about the foods we eat and how much of that food we eat.

So the question becomes, Why do I have an eating problem? It probably would make sense to see someone for help to deal with your emotional problems first before tackling your food issues. If your emotional problems are still there underlying in your system, you will be always tempted to eat those bad foods which will only make you gain instead of lose weight.

We are after all, creature's of habit aren't we? When stressed we will over eat. We usually choose bad foods when doing this. So I guess we know that fixing the way we think about food needs to be addressed first. Mind over matter, as they say. 90% of what we eat is because of our mental state and 10% is us actually eating these foods.

The first thing you need to do is get rid of any temptation to eat bad food. Don't buy the junk food. Take charge of your grocery shopping. Make a list before you shop and stick to it. Do not put junk or bad food on the list and when shopping do not wonder and grab bad foods when passing them by.

By not having these low value foods in the house your temptation is gone. Healthy foods will bercome the priority you will be encouraged and eventually your whole lifestyle will be changed.

Make this a family challenge. Don't go it alone. If your spouse and kids are all in this with you the chance of sucess will be much higher. It can be a wonderful experience for the whole family to be supportive of one another in reaching the goal of healthy living and weight control.

If you do the shopping, you will control what food is purchased. Your weightloss goals will be achieved and with healthier eating habits your entire family will benefit.

Take the initiative and be a leader of the troops in your quest for weight loss elliminating those emotional triggers once and for all.

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