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Does Green Tea Aid Weight Loss? What Big Pharmaceuticals Keep Hidden
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Hello, Jake here member of the American Dietetic Association a.k.a. ADA

Question. Does Green Tea Aid Weight Loss?

Answer. Here is what you need to know about your question Does Green Tea aid weight loss? Well, I am a member of the American Dietetic Association and researched it for you. What I found was quite surprising. After the research Tea seemed like natures weight loss cocktail because of its unique ingredients. Green tea is not a miracle drug though you cannot simply continue to eat whatever you want and just a green tea and expect to lose weight. But it has been found to contain several ingredients that effect the body's physiological process to aid weight loss. The ingredients in tea help to burn fat, control cravings, and reduce cholesterol.

Tea will help burn fat in the body because it increases a persons basal metabolic rate or BMR. This is the resting metabolism of a person and measures how many calories you burn at rest. After tests, tea was found to increase the BMR by 15% on the average for 19 test subjects who drank tea then had their BMR taken. So, by increasing your BMR you are burning more calories which helps weight loss. To learn what your BMR is you can easily use an online calculator (Google BMR calculator) or follow this simple formula step by step.

Step 1. Take your body weight and multiply it by 10. So, lets say your body weight is 119. it would be 119x10=1190.

Step 2. Then add your body weight to that value. So, 119+1190+1309. That is how you can figure out your basal metabolic rate. So, does green tea aid weight loss? Well, it is proven to boost your BMR.

The boost in your BMR from tea is attributed to the caffeine content of tea. But don't be nervous about getting the jitters from drinking too much tea all day as you would if you drank coffee. This is because teas ingredients work to team to balance each. For example, L-theanine counter balances against caffeine stimulant effects. This cancels out uncomfortable feelings of too much caffeine and introduces a calmer less jittery feeling. L-theanine does this by regulating the dopamine and serotonin neurotransmitters in your brain.

The regulation done by L-theanine to the brains dopamine and serotonin neurotransmitters also promotes satiety, meaning you feel that you don't need to eat. The more tea that you drink the more L-theanine will regulate the signals in your brain that control your appetite. So, does green tea aid weight loss? Well, it has L-theanine that counter balances the jittery affects with caffeine and regulates your brains dopamine and serotonin which the effect food cravings.

The third agent in tea is a catechin called Epiallocatechin 3-Gallate or ECGC. ECGC is an antioxidant that breaks down free radicals the cells in your body produce as waste. EGCG also reduces the amount of triglycerides in the blood and prevents the collection of fatty acids in the fat cells. So, does green tea aid weight loss? Well, it does have ECGC which blocks fat build up in fat cells.

In conclusion, Does green tea aid weight loss? Well, if you add tea to your diet and don't change anything else you cannot expect to lose much weight. But green tea contains a synergistic blend of ingredients that can aid weight loss.

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