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Does Hypnosis For Weight Loss Really Work?
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Does Hypnosis for Weight Loss Really Work?

When you are desperately trying to lose weight you may consider hypnosis. Some people swear that this is the best way to reach your weight loss goals.

How does it work?

It is possible for a qualified hypnotist to change the way you view a particular food. For example if you are addicted to chocolate, they can make your favorite bar taste like Broccoli or another hated vegetable. Done properly you could end up feeling very ill if you think about chocolate or any of your favorite foods. Then, as the theory goes, you are not likely to eat these things and so the dial on the scales will move down.

Does hypnosis work for everyone?

No, some people cannot be hypnotized. Nobody is quite sure why but a deep distrust of this method is probably the answer. Is hypnosis the answer to long term weight loss? While I am all for any method that helps to stop you snacking on your favorite foods, I find it hard to justify the expense of hypnosis. Also I believe in being 100% responsible for your actions and how can you claim to be that if you believe that someone else has the power over your mind?

Instead follow proven ways to lose weight.

People think you need to make giant changes all at once but you don't. You can see changes in your waistline by making small changes. The key is to stick to what works. You can cut your calorie consumption by reducing the amount of food you eat. Do this gradually or you will feel as if you are starving. You don't need to eat desert every day but save it for a once a week treat. You can still enjoy special treats while reducing your waistline and prolonging your lifespan, it just can't be every day.

Sit down to eat your meals as a family. The longer you spend chewing your food the less you will actually consume as your body will have a chance to properly digest what you have eaten and signal that it is full. Don’t be tempted to clear your plate for the sake of it. Get out of the habit of finishing your children's plates as well. Mothers the world over fall into this trap and it plays havoc with your diet goals.

Instead of wasting money on hypnosis, use the cash to join a fitness bootcamp instead. Not only will you meet other people but you will have lots of fun losing weight. Take the kids to bootcamp too and see them suddenly embrace fresh fruit and vegetables. Peer pressure can produce positive results especially when children are trying to fit in with their new friends.

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