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Does Running Burn Belly Fat?
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Does Running Burn Belly Fat?

Are you looking for an exercise that is linked to all sorts of health benefits? Though some may not like cardio exercise, but this one beats stair-stepper, rowing, cross-country ski, and stationary bike when it comes to calories burned per hour. With running, you can burn up to 1,000 calories in 1 hour. It is the top cardio exercise that makes your belly also work hard. Not convinced? Try to run and put one hand on your stomach. You’ll feel that it will exert effort. In fact, if it’s your first time running after a long time, your abdominal muscles will ache the next day – a good indication that it worked hard.

Running does not only make you look younger, it deals with emotional issues and prevents diseases. No wonder marathon is one of the most popular competitions that is done oftentimes in places around the globe. And this is one of the most fun, peaceful, and friendship-building sports that you can participate even without mastering any skill. You can ask one runner after another, for a reason why they run, and receive different answers each time.

Below are reasons why people run, and maybe you’ll find one reason here to start running:

Running is easy

You just need a good pair of shoes and an outfit that allows sweat to evaporate easily, and then you’re ready to hit the road. You don’t need to master anything or buy new equipment; you just go out and run. You’ve probably done that before and found a nice spot where you can be one with nature and enjoy fresh air.

For an injury-proof running, perform 5-10-minute warming up and stretching exercises before you run. This is vital also to gradually prepare your body to adjust to the physical activity ahead of you. And after running, you can cool down by applying a 5-10-minute light aerobics and cool-down stretching.

Running for health reasons

Studies have shown that running may prevent any illness to occur in the future. It is proven to

  • ensure efficient flow of blood and oxygen throughout the body
  • strengthen the heart and lungs
  • build stamina
  • increase bone density
  • relieve stress

Adult runners were usually found to be happier, more energetic, and more creative.

Running for weight loss

Running builds muscles and is a very good weight loss exercise. In fact, top weight loss programs include sprinting in their list of exercises that can give rapid weight loss. When your body starts to build muscles, your resting metabolic rate (RMR) is stimulated, and you’ll start to melt down fats consistently even at rest. If you add up healthy diet to this, you’ll definitely look and feel different. Running is a proven exercise that can improve complexion, maintaining younger looks.

Caution: Running belongs to high impact exercises, so if you are overweight, you may consult first your physician before engaging in running activities.

Running for a cause

Some people would sign up for a race in order to raise funds for their favorite charity, at the same time enjoying the health benefits of running. Generally, runners would form a fund raising team, and this can be very motivating, and could build strong friendship bonds among team members.

Street Talk

I am an amateur radio licensee. I devote a lot of time to the type of public service events you mention. Whether it is a fun run or a walk for a cure, I have noticed that there are fewer runners and more slow walkers these days. Even our exercise is getting less strenuous. Great article. Looking for more from you.

  about 1 decade ago

Hi Robert. I'm glad to hear about you being a radio licensee. I agree there are a lot of people who would choose less strenuous exercise. And this is just fine if they support it with healthy eating because they'll eventually lose fat in the process. Modern fitness programs introduce shorter workouts (such as the 15-minute miracle) and they are more intense but will really deliver the exact body one wants, but again healthy nutrition is king when it comes to weight loss and healthy living. Thanks for the visit and sharing of thoughts.

  about 1 decade ago
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