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Does The Dukan Diet Work?
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The Summer is coming and the main question for a lot of us is not where would I go to spend my vacations but how will I look and can I lose the overweight I have or at least some of it before going to these beautiful beaches. Once you have taken the decision to lose that “extra” weight the main question is how? Since a couple of years a new diet has appeared on the market: “The Dukan Diet “. As usual you have on the right side people that are praising this diet and on the left people that criticize it. Let’s put some light on this diet

How it works?

Dr Dukan is a French Generalist who claims that he discovered this method by luck. Mainly the diet suppress completely the fat and the carbohydrates and concentrate mainly on Proteins. I can hear the people on the left shouting: bad!, danger!. In fact when you look closer to the method you find out that Dr. Dukan is emphasizing on the fact that taking proteins only is not healthy for the body and you eat you must alternate between “pure protein” periods and “proteins with vegetable” periods. The most important aspect of this diet is: it works. I recommend you to go and check online what people are saying about it. This might be the subject of my next article in fact.

The four phases.

What makes in my opinion this diet works “better” than any other diet is not that people are losing weight but more the fact that people are not bouncing back after they finish their diet like what is happening with other diets. To achieve that the method is not only concentrating on the “reducing weight” period but also on the “after losing weight period”. The program is divided in four phases. The first one is the Attack phase. This is the starting phase. It is a period between 3 to 7 days when you have literally to fight against your body and resist to all the signals your body will send you to give him all that nice and good food you are depriving him of. During this phase and depending on the total weight you need to lose you should lose between 3 to 8 kg. The second phase is where you will have to lose more weight and reach your dream target weight. The third phase called the consolidation phase is in my opinion the most important one. Contrary to other diets the method concentrate also on this phase. The duration of this phase is 10 days for every kg you lose. If you lose 10 kg the period is 100 days. During this period you will gradually add to your diet the different type of foods you were not allowed to take during phase one and two. The last period called the stabilization phase is not really a phase. This period last in fact the rest of your life. You will tell me, what? I will have to follow a diet the rest of my life? Not at all. The program in this phase allows you to eat whatever you want (with moderation of course) the only constraints are: every Thursday (no choice) you will have to eat what you where eating during the Attack phase and a minimum of exercise to stay in shape.

I forgot to mention that during phase one and two you have a very strict list of food allowed. Nothing outside that list. The good point is, you can eat as much as you want and whenever you want.


If you are looking for a diet to loose weight efficiently and definitively, this program is worth trying. Would I recommend this diet? Definitely. The program works. I would also recommend to have a checkup before starting this diet as you should do for every diet, to make sure you don’t have any illness that would forbid you to follow this program. I hope this article has helped you.

Until then, Eat Healthy!

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