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Dr Bob's Successful Weight Loss Diet
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Dr Bob\'s Successful Weight Loss Diet

Americans spend over $33,000,000,000.00 each year on weight-loss products. Yet, research shows that a structured weight-loss program is far more likely to result in greater weight loss.

I have written several articles that have attempted to explain some basics about human physiology. I have not mentioned previously that the human body's mass (aka weight) is divided into two measurable parts. These parts are our muscle mass and our fat mass.

The objective is to lose the fat mass without losing the muscle mass. Balanced weight-loss programs include exercise as a way to burn more energy than one takes in through eating and drinking. Lowering the caloric intake is part of the well balanced diet regimen. Increasing the caloric output is the other part of the balanced diet regimen.

Dieters typically focus on restricting the caloric intake to create a negative energy balance. However, this results in the loss of both muscle mass and fat mass.

Many dieters restrict caloric intake to specific types of calories, such as carbs, to promote weight loss. If you have paid any attention at all to the latest diet books, not all carbs are created equal. Carbs which have a high glycemic index raise insulin levels. Insulin signals to the body to stop burning calories and to start storing fat. Not the ideal state for someone trying to lower fat mass.

Other dieters restrict fat intake. But this results in these dieters substituting fat calories with processed carbs, which have high glycemic indices. So insulin levels increase and the fat mass increases. Plus, the human body requires fat to burn fat mass. Also, the human brain cannot function properly without the correct fat balance in our diets.

Successful dieting requires that we must promote fat loss while emphasizing the quality of the food we consume. Natural fiber and whole grains are the best foods to consume. Fruits and vegetables, preferably raw, are also great fat burners. Lean sources of protein, such as fish and beans help us to lose fat mass.

Physical activity, in the form of exercise, should be our main emphasis when attempting to lose fat mass. This exercise must be both aerobic and resistance based. That is to say we need both cardio and weight training in our physical activity plans.

Simply moving the human body helps reduce our fat mass because it:

  1. Helps manage blood glucose and insulin levels;

  2. Burns off the stored belly fat; and

  3. Increases the metabolic activity of muscle which leads to greater caloric usage

It is easy to mistake weight loss with fat loss. They are not the same thing. A high-density, muscular body is much healthier than an equal weight body that is filled with fat mass. Lose the fat, keep the muscle.

Serious attempts at long-term, sustainable, healthy weight loss must emphasize the following criteria:

  1. Increase the amount of quality foods

  2. Reduce the amounts of poorer nutritional choices

  3. Increase physical activity

  4. Find a weight-loss support system

That last point is one of the constant themes of my articles regarding weight and fat loss. We cannot do this alone. We must find friends and family who will support us, who will urge us on, and who will join us in our journey to a healthier future.

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