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Dr Bob's Way To Lose Belly Fat
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Dr Bob\'s Way to Lose Belly Fat

Be honest, all of us look in the magazines on the shelves showing lean, flat abs and say to ourselves, "Why cannot I appear like that?" We attempt each device and pill advertised and but we just don't get the results that we desire. We know that the belly fat we've is harmful to our well being and may result in diabetes and heart disease. But we just can't seem to figure out how you can lose the excess body fat.

It's critical to find the healthy ways of burning the extra fat. There are methods which are simple to implement. But you did not develop up the excess belly fat more than night and so the modifications to your way of life will also need persistency and time. The following changes for your way of life will help you reach your objectives and improve your well being also.

1. Normal Exercise:

Lean physique muscle consumes much more calories that any other body kind. Growing your lean physique muscle will improve your metabolism to further decrease the quantity of excess belly fat. Workouts fall into two categories: resistance training and cardiovascular (cardio, for short).

Resistance coaching workouts:

Weight lifting workouts assist your body fight fat by building muscle. We would recommend performing workouts such as squats, chest presses, and dumbbell rows.

Cardio exercises:

These are extremely advantageous whilst attempting to shed weight, as they accelerate our heart rate and cause us to make use of more power. In the event you can really feel your heart beating quicker and your breathing growing, then you know it is working. Attempt to physical exercise on a regular basis, about 3 to 4 occasions a week is ideal.

2. Check Your Way of life

Having belly fat has not only to complete just using the calorie intake and calorie outflow but it's also about your lifestyle. Just that will help you understand much better what sort of food you consume, how numerous hours do you sleep, when do you consume your food, what sort of function you're involved in? Managing your lifestyle is very important to make sure you attain your objective of losing belly fat. To provide you some related suggestions more than way of life, we'll recommend you to include walking increasingly more and steer clear of escalators and elevators when feasible, consume much less but on brief intervals rather than consuming more food with longer intervals. Make physical exercise a component of your daily schedule. Once you've a schedule you'll notice the distinction your self.

3. Taking The right Diet

Do you consume junk food and also have high calorie soda drinks a part of your daily intake of food? If answer towards the above question is yes, then you know you are not heading within the right direction. Make certain you're not consuming high calorie wealthy food and are sticking to much more natural food and drinks. Also you can study more about fat burning foods that will help you better comprehend the food you're taking in. Eat less but in regular intervals of 3-4 hours instead of getting 3 occasions each day.

Don't cut down on calories by skipping meals, so begin off your day with a good and healthy breakfast. There are actually numerous foods which aid the loss of fat around your stomach, like; fish, vegetables, dark chocolate, and fruit. However, you will find also foods which do the opposite and diminish your capability to shed belly fat, these consist of foods that are high in saturated fat and sugar, and therefore you should attempt and avoid such foods as a lot as you possibly can.


Losing belly fat is not easy and a lot of effort is needed, however once you start to see results you will be highly motivated to continue. Many types of slimming equipment on the market today actually reduce your metabolism levels which will actually cause you more harm than good. It is hard to lose weight, when most of our time is spent sitting down in our cars or at a computer desk, however if you follow this basic guide you are guaranteed the results you want. In the end feel free to check out these exercises to lose belly fat.

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This is a great article. i love how you said fruit is slimming not fattening, because so many people are misguided in believing fruit makes you fat.

  about 1 decade ago

Great article with very useful tips on exercise and nutrition to lose belly fat. Performing squats, chest presses, and dumbbell rows which target large muscle groups will speed up weight loss and give better results than traditional ab exercises. Thanks Dr Bob.

  about 1 decade ago

Thanks, Doc. We all know we should eat right and exercise. (I make it a must in my life) How do we inspire people to WANT to eat right and exercise? As a 'wellness' physician, I struggle with that. I WANT my patients to choose health, but most people know what they should do, but don't. If we could figure out the 'psychology' of health, we'd have cracked the code that has eluded us for years and years. Keep up the great work.

  about 1 decade ago

I have been thinking about the concept of inspiration. I recently posted an article about motivating the body to lose weight. It is a little different spin on motivation. I am researching the ways to get people to WANT to eat right and exercise. It is a challenge in a society where we don't have to hunt and gather our food and our most active recreation seems to be either reaching for the remote or hopping around in front of a video game on our televisions.

  about 1 decade ago
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