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Eat What You Want And Still Lose Weight
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Why Many Diets Fail

Isn't it really weird that you cruise along happily eating the foods you like and then one day you climb on a scale and—oh my goodness—you quickly start looking for a diet book.  The funny thing is, that most of the time you end up select a diet eating plan that is completely different than the way you have eaten since we grew a set of teeth? That is why you should eat what you want and still lose weight.  But how?

Now before you head out the door to grab a deep pan re fried something or other, put the keys down, step away from the door and take a deep breath.  I said, "eat anything you want and still lose weight." I didn't say, "eat as much as you want of anything you want."  If you think of the food you eat each day and split it into 10 parts, you should eat 9 of those parts from good-for-you, weigh-loss foods and 1 part of what you want.  This is the basis of how to eat what you want and still lose weight.

The Calorie Shifting Twist

If you want to get really fancy you can look at your entire weeks food intake and split it into 10 parts, eating 9 parts of good, healthy, diet food.  This allows you even greater flexibility to eat what you want and still lose weight because you can shift calories around so that you can eat more calories on some days and less on others. Calorie shifting means that you could eat entire meals of what you want and still lose weight because you could "save up" calories for special meals.

Calories Are King

It has always been true that calories are king when it comes to weight loss and this is still true even if you eat what you want and still lose weight.  What you will need to do is select a calorie count that will result in weight loss such as 1400 calories per day for women that are less the 5' 6" and 1600 calories for both men and women who are taller than 5' 5".  Now these numbers can be tweaked depending on your gender, lean muscle mass and level of activity.  If you decide to do calorie shifting simply multiply your daily calorie number by 7 and stay within those numbers for the week.

Plan Your Fun

Once you have selected the fun foods or the foods you want to eat you will need to select when to eat them.  For me, for instance, the evening is the time I have the most cravings and desires for naughty food so I select that time of day to eat what I want and still lose weight.  The process I use is to keep a small notebook with me, one like a detective uses.  I then select healthy foods to eat through out the day and record the calories.  I keep a running tab on the amount of calories I have consumed.  This lets me know how many I have to splurge on the foods i love to eat.

Eat What You Want And Still Lose Weight, Every Other Day

Another plan I use is to have a diet day every other day and the days in between I still diet, but I have one meal during that day of what I want.  This technique requires that you follow a weekly calorie count but it has the benefit of letting me never be more than 24 hours away from a meal of food that I love.  This technique I use during the summer and holidays when food is part of the fun.

The whole process for me has been a sort of compromise between the glutton in me and the Yule Gibbons in me.  In the long run, if you can't stick with a diet plan it doesn't matter how good, healthy, or efficient it is.  Recently, it seems that other people are beginning to agree with me.  A recent article in readers digest outlined a similar eating plan in an article entitled Lose Weight And Still Eat What You Want and Jon Benson, author of Fit Over 40 published his own take on eating what you want and still lose weight with his e-book The Every Other Day Diet.

So if you are a person who fails at dieting because you get bored, feel trapped or just simply miss the food you love so much, why not try losing weight and still eat what you want?

Visit Jon Benson's Every Other Day Diet

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