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Emotional Eating And Weight Loss
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Does emotional eating and weight loss have anything to do with each other? In a word , yes. Emotional eating has so much impact on weight loss efforts.

Emotional eating is where a person eats based on their emotions, whether they be happy or sad emotions and probably the worst thing about emotional eating is that it happens regardless of whether a person is physically hungry or not.

I am not a psychologist, but it seems to make sense that emotional eating and weight loss is the antithesis of each other. For instance, a person starts a weight loss plan and they loose a couple of kilograms, they then rightly feel proud of themselves and celebrate with an ice-cream or a piece of chocolate cake, then they put that couple of kilograms back on, get depressed and indulge in something like a piece of cheesecake to help them feel better. The end result is being worse off than when they began.

I would argue that not only emotional eating and weight loss have something to do with each other, but for a proportion of people that need to loose weight, emotional eating can actually be the cause of weight gain in the first place.

For people like me who are emotional eaters, then I'd like to suggest a few ideas to assist with weight loss goals.

One way to help succeed with emotional eating and weight loss is to keep a food diary and enter everything that passes your lips, and I mean absolutely everything because it will allow you to see exactly what you are eating and be able to pin point times when you have eaten because you are happy or sad. Maybe you'll see a pattern emerging and surely this is the first step to overcoming emotional eating.

My next recommendation is to make sure there is exercise as part of your weight loss efforts, because even though it is possible to lose weight without exercise, exercising can be a great way of undoing some of the damage to weight loss efforts. I think exercise is important because if you have given in to emotional eating (and who hasn't?!) then you can get back on track with a workout of some description.

My last tip to do with emotional eating and weight loss, is do indulge sometimes, I have sometimes indulged in fresh blueberries or avocados or some piece of fruit that is just too expensive to buy regularly and it has felt decadent! Other indulgences could be new clothes or something new for the pursuit of a hobby, it doesn't have to be food.

Emotional eating and weight loss is a very hard combination to overcome and have success with, but it is definitely possible!

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Good article. You offer some good advice for emotional eaters.

  about 9 years ago
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