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Exercises For Abs - It Is Not Crunches!
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Would you like to have VISIBLE six-abs abs?

Most people look fat because they follow the myth, not reality.

This world is full of very fit people, but you would never tell they are fit due to a considerable amount of fat that covers their muscles.

These people have very fit muscles - UNDER the fat!

If you want to just be fit without looking fit, then you don't have to worry about some fat covering your muscles.

But, if you want to look fit aka have six-pack abs, then you have to loose the last ounce of fat that covers your abdominals.

This article will show you how.

We will assasinate our stomach fat with three Ninja-assasin startegies:

Are you ready?

Fat assault Nr 1:

The right exercise

Let's talk about two kinds of abs exercises. First kind, that you are most familliar with are crunches, sit-ups and leg lifts. These exercises are abs isolation lifts that strengthen your abs muscle.

Here is the problem. These exercises don't burn fat that covers your abs.

But late night infomercials insist on selling just another crunch based abs gadget, while what you really need is a treadmill or eliptical trainer.

Don't let the advertisers teach you how to loose your stomach fat. They just want you to buy their next gadget, that promises, that when you use it, you will have a perfect body. Don't fall for their lies.

These commercials don't tell you the truth, so following their programs will not make you successful. You will fail and you will start believing in stuff like:

  • I have bad genetics.
  • I have bad access to supplements.
  • I am stupid or too lazy to have six-pack abs and a beach body.

Are you ready to be shaken like Texas tornado? Are you ready for the real way to a God-like, lean and mean belly?

Are you ready to finally learn the real exercises for abs? Then read on.

I'm so tired hearing about crunches that I have started writing artcles like this one, just to tell the truth.

So, here is the truth: Stomach crunches will not give you flat stomach. But cardio workouts will.

I am totally against TV commercials that lie to you all the frickin' time.

Please, read this while some Rocky music because your time to get six pack abs has finally arrived.


Congratulations. Now you know the real truth.

Put your new knowledge to action for few months and for the first time in your life you will be able to see your six pack abs.

You want your first actionable step?

Start running. Or jogging or even walking. If you do this consistently and enough times, you will develop ripped stomach muscles.

You also have to add diet to your fat loss program.

Guys need to do other types of exercises for abs. Cardio is only the beginning.

Education is the key that unlocks golden gates to anything, including getting a perfect set of six-pack abs.

Thank you,

Derek Potocki, Physical Therapist & Body Builder

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