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Exercises To Lose Baby Fat
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Exercises to Lose Baby Fat

So you want some exercises to lose baby fat? Well where to begin! There are so many exercises out there, and a range of ways to put them together into a workout that many people get confused and give up before they begin! The idea behind this article is to give you a quick glimpse into how you can put some exercise plans together, and hopefully take away some of the confusion.

Weights or cardio? The eternal dilemma facing those who embark on a quest to find exercises to lose baby fat! Typically you find men doing weights and women doing cardio. Now I’m here as ever to stir things up a little! What would you say if I told you that as a woman you should be doing some form of resistance training? You’d probably say I’m mad and that you have no interest in becoming a female bodybuilder! Well keep reading to find out why you shouldn’t call me crazy so quick!

Still reading? Good! So why should you be using resistance training as your exercises to lose baby fat? Well first of all women do not produce enough testosterone in their body to become the same size as a female bodybuilder, they have outside help to achieve their size! Now I’m going to guess you wish to “tone” your body? Toning is simply making a muscle stronger. By doing this along with proper dieting you will achieve the toned look you desire! Not only does resistance training improve muscle tone but it also raises your metabolism. By lifting weights you force the body into consuming more calories to fuel your workouts. Which means your body burns the food you have eaten more efficiently!

Ok, so why don’t you just drop the running and start lifting weights? Well cardio i.e. running, swimming, walking, rowing, dancing etc, is still some of the best exercises to lose baby fat. You can manipulate the intensity of your cardio training to achieve different effects within the body. For example if you perform cardio at a steady pace over long duration the main fuel used by the body will be fat, and this will be used for the duration of your workout. If you were to perform cardio at a higher intensity in intervals i.e 30s sprints followed by 30s slow pace, then you will mainly use carbohydrates for fuel, but you will burn calories for hours after your workout.

Hopefully by now you realise it is important to use both types of exercises to lose baby fat if you want to optimise your fat burning potential! How do you put it all together I hear you say?! Well I would recommend 2 – 3 resistance training sessions per week, mixed in with 1 or 2 high intensity cardio sessions. If you have more time to commit, you can also do 1 or 2 steady state sessions after your resistance training.

Example week:

Day 1: 30min resistance training

Day 2: 15mins High intensity cardio

Day 3: 30min resistance training & 30min steady cardio

Day 4: Off

Day 5: 15mins High intensity cardio

Day 6: Off

Day 7: Off

However you plan to structure your exercises to lose baby fat plan, make sure it works for you. Some people enjoy steady state cardio more than anything, while other prefer weight training. Whatever you decide try to make choices that you will enjoy, you will stick to them in the long run! What I have touched on is only a slight insight into how you can lose your baby weight through exercise. There are many more fat burning methods to help you achieve the body of your dreams! As always, I hope this article was of help and thanks for reading!

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