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Fast Ways To Lose Baby Weight
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As a fitness instructor I deal with many queries day to day across a range of people. One of the more common people I work with is new mothers and they all want fast ways to lose baby weight. They have gotten over the honeymoon period of giving birth (if there is such a thing my wife says!) and are looking to get rid of their excess weight gained by being pregnant…now! They don’t want it in a few months, they don’t want it tomorrow. They want it yesterday! So without further adieu, here are a few ways to lose your baby weight quickly.

Now before I give you an insight into the fast ways to lose baby weight, I must say that you need to give your body time to settle down. It’s been a very stressful time for both your body and mind, both of which will need to be at their best if you wish to succeed. Recommendation is to wait approximately 6 weeks before starting any exercise. This can vary from person to person, some may start sooner but some may also start later, the key is to listen to your body and start at a time where you feel comfortable.

Ok now to the good bit, some fast ways to lose baby weight that you can fit into your daily life without thinking about them too much. There are many ways that you can sneak in some exercise to your day, such as taking the stairs instead of the elevator, not parking your car right next to the door in a car park, walking short trips instead of driving, leaving your shopping cart at the door and carrying your bags to the car, cleaning the house and walking while talking on the phone to someone. These are just a few ideas to get you started, be creative and think of innovative ways to get you moving!

Sneaking in exercise is fine, but to really shift the baby weight quickly you are going to have to commit to it. This ranks near the top of the fast ways to lose baby weight list. People by nature take free/non-committal things for granted; we place less value on them. Signing yourself up to a personal trainer or fitness class will give you extra motivation to stick at it! You could go the extra mile and sign up with a friend; we find it much harder to cancel on people once we have committed to something with them. Most women fail their first weight loss plan after having a child as they find it hard to stay motivated. By making a genuine commitment to something that will help you lose the weight, you will be more likely to succeed your first time round.

So far we have talked about commitment and motivation, now it’s time for the diet! When thinking of fast ways to lose baby weight, diet is key. In order to lose your weight quickly, you are going to have to make some sort of diet change. What I want you to do though, is not think of it as a diet or tell people you are dieting. By doing this it will become a normal way of life and you will find it easier to stick to. When changing your diet to lose weight after having a baby, you must take into consideration if you are breastfeeding or not. If you are then what you eat will affect your baby (talk about motivation to stop eating junk food!!). A few simple tips to change your diet in a positive way to help you lose weight:

As before this is only a small list of things that you can do to change your diet in a positive way to help you lose the baby weight.

So there we have it, some fast ways to lose baby weight! Make sure you are ready physically and mentally; find ways to fit exercise into your day; commit to some form of programmed exercise and change your diet for the better. The information given in the article is just a flavour of the things that can be done. There are lots more fast ways to lose baby weight out there but those discussed today are a good starting point. I hope you have found this article helpful.

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