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From Fat To Fit: Psychology
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From Fat to Fit: Psychology

When it comes down to setting fitness goals, there is one question that is constantly asked that makes every fitness guru's head want to implode.

"What is the easiest way to lose weight?"

The truth is, there is no easy way. You can't cheat something that requires lifelong commitment.

But, what if there were certain "tricks" that can be applied that would make you want to make such a commitment? Something that would make you want to do hard work? Something that would motivate you, to change your entire life?

Weight loss, or as what we truly strive to achieve, fat loss, is something that is never going to be a cake walk. We have read countless articles and stories about the Bodybuilding Gods and the Fitness junkies who constantly preach to take down our protein and six meals a day.

What about the people who used to be chubby or obese? Where are these famous fitness industry celebrities at?

There aren’t very many, however those who are out there do have one thing in common that sets them apart from the naturally muscled and tone.

They were once fat, and they needed to make a change to better their lives.

I see countless people everyday who are unhappy with many aspects of their own life, and health/fitness definitely sits within the top 5 of that list, and honestly I believe it’s the number one thing people wish they could change in their lives.

So why don’t they?

Because they simply never start. In most cases, they simply lack true motivation to work out.

That leads us to question; what is it that differs from people that get off their behinds and change their lives, to those that don’t?

It begins within your mind.

It’s a cheesy thing to say, but the truth is, you don’t go from having a backpack stomach to six pack abs by talking about it. You find a way to get UP and make it happen. The thing behind that physical action is that your mind/brain has to control that action and force it upon your body.

Which leads me to my claim; through an understanding on Psychology, specifically anything to do with motivation, you can trigger your body and your mind to want to get up and exercise, as opposed to dreading to getting up and exercise.

Wanting and dreading something are two very different feelings.

Example, right now I don’t feel like going to the gym. I’m pretty satisfied physically and mentally as for this moment I am enjoying myself as I write this article.

Now, if say, I may see a movie, or in my case, a video game cinematic, say for example the commercial trailer of a video game called “Halo: Reach” – It gets me pumped up to hit the gym and be like one of the Spartans. The trailer entails a team of warriors known as Spartans, pushing forward without fear, working together against an overwhelming alien force to bring down a mothership.

The Spartan holding the bomb takes a hit and goes down, only to wake up moments after to a fellow Spartan, who takes the bomb, and flies into the heart of the Mothership, never to be seen again. In my honest opinion, this 2 minute clip completely blows any action flick out of the water.

Point of this article? If your unhappy with your weight, or body fat percentage to be precise, then find some piece of art or music to really pump you up on an emotional level, and find strength in your mind, to force the change you desire upon your body.

As always, you can find support from various bodybuilding community forums and websites, or even get one on one with another determined soul who maintains a weight loss blog in order to witness someone else transforming from fat to fit, just so you can see how you can get started as well.

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Hi, I was just thinking to myself. Why on earth are all these weight loss articles and guides so overenthusiastic, unrealistic and overoptimistic. Truth of the matter is that us office workers only work 9 hours per day on paper and 10 is a more realistic daily amount. After a hard day's work I'm mentally exhausted. If you don't want to get fat however you still need to exercise. Therefore weight loss guides should focus on "how the hell are you going to drag yourself down to the gym today" instead of just generally touching on the subject. Currently I use Jack3d, which gives me just the required amount of energy to make it to the gym after work. Plus taking a multivitamin and some whey maximizes the effectiveness of time I can spend in the gym.

  about 9 years ago

Nice article Nicholas, if you keep winning the mental game u will reach the goal!

  about 1 decade ago
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