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From Fat To Fit: Supplements For Weight Loss And Muscle Gains
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From Fat to Fit: Supplements for Weight Loss And Muscle Gains

Do supplements work?

Such a vague question that gets asked everyday across countless nutrition and bodybuilding forums, often netting a broad array of answers, most answered with good intentions but little research to back up all the claims.

The truth about supplements is that they are only supplements. They are no magic substitute for hard work and consistency, no matter what the supplement companies or the washed masses who use the products may advise you of.

Many who are new to the world of nutrition, fat loss, bodybuilding or any other form of fitness topic, initially believe that a lack of supplements is the reason for their own failures, or that a supplementation of such products is the cause of their success. Regardless of one’s own blame to failure, or credit to success, I can promise anybody that supplements are not where the finger should be pointed or where the credit should be given.

As I have mentioned countless times, your own failure or success stems from whether you cut your calories down every day and constantly make progress in your weight lifting sessions, every day, for a period of 3 months or greater, preferably for the remainder of your life.

Not from taking down magic powder.

However, there is one category of supplements for weight loss that I do believe in, and even then one must understand that this series of products is in no way a magic diet pill.

That product is whey protein powder.

The name in of itself states exactly what this supplement is, protein. Just exactly why do I consider this the only necessary supplement?

The only two significant nutrition rules that account for how successful you burn fat or build muscle are eating less/more calories, and enough/surplus protein to meet such goals. Always keep in mind that you need to also incorporate some form of resistance training in order to burn fat/build muscle, most commonly practiced in the form of weight lifting.

Everything else; creatine, BCAAs, Pre-workout energy supplements, multivitamins, glut amine...

It’s all icing on the cake, and accounts for about 5% of your results and even less.

Truthfully speaking, you don’t even need whey protein. Granted you are taking in enough protein from whole foods alone; Such as chicken, Fish, Lean meats, nonfat dairy products. To be quite honest, for nutritional purposes this is a preferred eating style; However, in terms of burning fat and general body composition changes, there is almost 0 difference, as proven by modern day science and many personal experimentation's.

Some of you may think this is crazy talk, but do some research around from credited nutrition and fitness experts and you will see that the majority of those researchers and studies agree that calorie intake, resistance training, and protein intake are the only real relevant factors in body composition. And before you throw an article in my face stating that such and such supplement company has done various research on their product indicating solid results, always make sure that you get your information or sources from somebody who is not trying to sell you something or take your money.

With the above being disclaimed, the only reason I deem Whey protein necessary is because it is often very difficult to consume about a 1lb of chicken each day, unless you have a delicious sweet chili sauce!

Whey protein should be used to hit your required daily protein intake, and even then you should only use it as a supplement in addition to other whole foods, for health reasons.

Even though in terms of fat loss (which is different from eating healthy, although closely related due to obvious reasons) you can get away with getting all your protein from shakes alone, and probably still get the same results body composition wise as if you were consuming protein from whole foods, you’re going to be missing out on essential nutrients that foods such as chicken and steak contain.

Hoping I’ve driven my point home and emphasizing what whey protein’s place in the world of supplements for weight loss or muscle building should be, some may be wandering which is a popular brand of whey protein powder for your fat loss or muscle building needs.

My honest opinion, whatever is cheapest and digests without issue. Personally, gold standard whey protein fits all the criteria for me. Cheap as hell, always has some kind of promotional sale happening, and it's nutritional content is just about pure protein less a few carbohydrates here and there.

In terms of which may help preserve or build more muscle, it’s hard to believe that there is a huge difference. If you’re familiar with any sort of scientific researching, you can imagine that testing such a factor is about impossible with the different types of protein powders amassing to the thousands.

Whichever route you decide to take, just make sure to take in that protein, lift weights, and eat less/more in order to put on muscle or burn fat, do it for 3 months.

Afterwards, move to the beach and show it off.

Street Talk

It is possible to drink the whey. Here in Iceland you can buy it in similar kind of containers that the milk comes in. Powder is a highly processed food which has several disadvantages. And the reason whey is good is because it contains water soluble protein which is easily accessible for the muscles. But then... why not just drink milk?

  about 1 decade ago

Milk is delicious and obviously has much greater nutritional benefit than processed whey protein mixed with water. However, in terms of fat loss and calorie restriction, Milk has additional calories due to carbohydrate/fat content. Some people just prefer to drink straight protein, and then consume their carbohydrate/fat sources elsewhere.

  about 1 decade ago
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