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Getting Men To Lose Weight: Eat Like A Caveman
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Getting Men To Lose Weight: Eat Like A Caveman

Eat Like a Man

Regardless of gender, dieting is a difficult thing to do. Man or woman, getting yourself to change bad eating habits is as tough as getting yourself to head to the gym every day when you’re not in the habit of doing it. For men, the challenge of eating right starts with food choice. The evidence may be anecdotal, but it does appear to be true that guys like to eat heartier more rib sticking food then the average woman does. Food that you find in sports bars like nachos, chicken wings, steaks, pizza and lots of beer. It’s no coincidence that advertisers promote beer and junk food, during televised sporting events, directed almost exclusively at men. That’s the stuff we like to eat.

Getting with the Program

Eating right and sticking with it means choosing a meal plan you can live with for a long time. That’s where the cave man diet meal plan comes in. Given that it’s a high protein diet rich in lots of meats, It makes a good choice for men who want to feel something substantial in their stomachs at meal time. Eating isn’t just for nutrition; it’s one of the great joys in life. We humans love to savory the tastes of food which is what gives it an addictive quality to many of us. So for most men to get with a good dieting program, they have to eat food that makes them not want to quit.

Paleo Diet to the Rescue

Commonly referred to as the cave man diet, the Paleo diet is one in which you eat food that you might expect a cave man to eat. If a cave man was walking through the grocery store today, he’d be looking for food he could hunt or gather; food like fish, chicken and beef as well as lots of produce. That eliminates dairy or food that comes in a box, breads and cereals and foods with high salt content. The good news is men can eat well and feel satisfied if they get creative and chose cave man diet recipes that are satisfying and fun to cook.

Grilling for Diet Success

What guy doesn’t like to grill meat? The cave man diet is perfectly suited for grilling. For men who really want to stick to their diet commitment, this is a great way to get motivated and committed. Grilling meat and vegetables can become a regular way of preparing food, that increasing the interest in sticking to a Paleo diet. It can become a once or twice a week occurrence in which you cook the fresh lean meats that you like and stuff them in the fridge for the coming week. For those in cold weather environments, there are numerous electric grills that could be used in doors. Get a great recipe book on grilling meat. Stay away for the high sugar sauces and marinades and start eating like a cave man.

Making Vegetables Manly

Plenty of guys tend to shy away from vegetables for some reason. Although it’s mostly a subjective observation, it does seem as though women are more willing to eat salads and vegetables then men are. I’m sure that has a little bit to do with their longer life span. The thing is, vegetables don’t have to be boring and yucky. There are plenty of ways to make them taste good if you get a good cave man recipe book and browse through it. Even broccoli can be made to taste good if you add some bacon, seedless grapes and a lime based dressing to the mix. It’s surprisingly yummy. If you’re serious about losing weight it is very difficult to do it without adding fiber and nutrient rich vegetables and fruits to your diet. Doing so reduces the craving for the bad carbs that are high in sugar and add weight. Man up man, and learn to add veggies to your daily meals.

Man Up and Lose Weight

Isn’t it time that you took control of your weight? Manning up is a sarcastic way of saying tough it out and keep your emotions in check. There’s no doubt that healthy eating is a big challenge. The biggest of them is controlling bad impulses and changing bad habits. You can do this man. Take charge of your life and do the right thing. Eat like a cave man and lose that weight once and for all.

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