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Good Ways To Lose Weight
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Losing weight is a matter of simple logic. Your intake of calories has to be less than the amount of calories which you burn. There are many diets which attempt to answer the age old question of how to lose calories, but I sometimes feel we are in danger of over-egging the pudding! There are many diet fads that come and go but the simple idea of eating a balanced diet, followed by performing regular exercises to slim has worked wonders for me personally.

In order to be successful in losing weight, you will have to eat between 500-1000 calories less each day. Last year I was a few pounds overweight so the subject of how to lose calories was one I researched at length. After much time researching I decided to take a few simple measures and adjust my diet in the following ways:

• I cut down my alcohol consumption. Did you know that there are around 120 calories in a 400ml can of beer. So drinking your way through a six-pack will give you 720 calories. Not too good for your six-pack! • I started eating breakfast. I used to always skip breakfast and end up having a sweet pastry around 11am at work. This has a two-fold detrimental effect on your weight loss goals. Firstly, skipping breakfast causes your body’s metabolism to slow down as your body tries to conserve energy before the first meal of the day. Secondly, the calories in a Danish pastry amount to over 260. • Cut down on the carbs. Eating smaller portions of bread, pasta, rice and potatoes at meal times will mean less surplus energy being stored as fat in your body. Switching to wholemeal versions of bread and pasta will ensure energy is released more slowly, meaning your hunger will be satisfied for longer. • Cut out sugar. This can easily be done by not having sugar in tea or coffee, and by keeping your hand out of the cookie jar!

While these four simple points above show you how to lose calories, they need to be backed up by the second weapon in your weight busting arsenal – exercises to slim. Exercising on a regular basis will ensure that you are using more calories than you are eating, and you should soon see the weight begin to drop off.

Some people find the idea of going to the gym three or four times a week boring. But there are many other ways of doing exercises to slim. Taking up a sport may be more appealing to you or perhaps leaving the car at home and walking into town or work instead. The bottom line is to try to do at least two hours of pretty strenuous exercise each week.

So there you have it! Some simple ideas on how to lose calories and some suggestions and ideas for exercises to slim down. Keeping a food diary will also help you in your war against the blubber as you will be able to keep a check on yourself. However, perhaps the most important ingredient in your weight loss strategy will be self discipline.

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