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Have We Been Taught Wrong?
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After years of hearing diets and loss weight I look around and see more people with weight problems than every before. I know that there are more people in the world today ,but what I see is madness.

weight-loss and diet programs have become a billion dollar a year business! WHY?

I believe that we have been taught wrong all a long . Public health has been telling us for over 40 years that if we want to lose fat then cut fat out of our diets.

Yet obesity rates have gone up from 13% to 22%. I think that the obesity experts have got it all back wards it is not the fat that is the problem it is the easily digested carbs that cause the problem.

Now let me shed some light on this and how I have come to take an interest in this problem .

I am a type 1 diabetic which means that I have to understand how carbs ,fat,sugar, all types of food affect my body .o if i let my body get out of whack in any of the food chain areas then it can cause me very severe health issues, so maybe I know just a little bit about this as this is a chronic illness that I have LIVED with for more than 20 years.

Well enough about me let's get back to the points. At 52 years old that makes me one of the BOOMERS and I can say that we have been taught wrong . As children in school we were shown a food pyramid that told us the foods that we should eat and how much ,this program was loaded with carbs . Now fast forward 40 years and we have an epidemic of diabetes and obesity on our hands ,this is like a modern day plague and it make me hopping mad.

Now after having read and research countless articles, books ,and doctor visits and then testing on my self,and watching those around me try fad after fad only to keep failing I have come up with some simple steps that any one can take to start them on a health plan for eating.

Now for some truth:

1.Counting calories does not work it only makes you hungry (each person is different eat according to your own energy use).

2.Eating less is only part of the problem you must have a proper mix of protein,carbs and fruit .

3. Low fat products are not that good for your heart neither is that spare tire around your waist.

I hope that this has provided you with a little insight please come back as I will continue this train of thought in the future.

Thank you for spending time with me and if you would like to follow these links to somethings that might help you on your way to a healthier you.

Thanks Steve Hilton

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