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Hcg Approved Lotions - Weight Loss Success Through Skincare
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One of the restrictions of the HCG diet is to eliminate the use of lotions that contain fats and oils. This can be difficult to abide by, as many mainstraim products are made with fats and oils. So how do you determine which lotions will keep you on track for your weight loss goals on the HCG diet? Find out what to watch out for, and which brands are HCG approved lotions.

How Lotions Effect HCG Diet

The whole basis of the HCG Diet is to eliminate fats; reset the diencephalon, thus changing the way fat is stored. There are many different fats and oils in lotions that can be absorbed, and stop the previously mentioned process. In fact, the nature of skin causes oil-based substances to be absorbed more than others.

What to Avoid

When you read the ingredients on bottles of lotion, it rarely ever simply lists "oil" or "animal fat." Granted, many of these products would never leave the shelves if they plainly printed the ingredients.

Ingredients to watch out for:

  • Stearic Acid
  • Lauric Acid
  • Myristic Acid
  • Oleic Acid
  • Palmitic Acid
  • Glycerin(e) or Glycerol

The tricky thing about these is sometimes they are derived from plants, and other times made from animal fats. There are some plant oils that are ok to use on the Protocol. Both mineral and coconut oils are HCG diet approved moisturizers. Most of the time, lotions have ingredients which are made from animal fats, as this its cheaper than using plants.

So What Can I Use?

The ultimate question here is,"Which products can I use?" It is practically impossible to list off every single product that is ok to use. With the industry being flooded with organic products, there are a lot more safe, simple lotions available.

Organic lotions tend to have a lot of ingredients that the average person can recognize. Don't get me wrong, I have come across "natural" or supposedly organic products that list ingredients you would have to be a scientist to identify. But for the most part, organic lotions are HCG approved. Check the label, and make sure there are no fats.

A great line to start with when searching for HCG approved lotion is HCG Diet Skincare. They offer an oil- and paraben-free body lotion that can be used on the entire body. Arbonne is another great skincare line to look into, as all of their products are vegan. Just a couple others to mention, Alba and Corn Husker's lotions can be used on Protocol.

Don't be discouraged when considering the HCG diet by the restrictions on lotions and other hygiene products. There really are so many options to choose from now due to the mineral and organic craze. If you haven't already hopped on that bandwagon, this may be your opportunity. Not only will you have the HCG approved lotions you are looking for, but you may also discover a new favorite!

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