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Hcg Drops Diet - Fad Or For Real?
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The HCG drops diet has blown up in the weight loss industry. There are claims to unbelievable results: 15 to 20 lbs in 23 days, and upwards of 30 lbs in 43 days. Is this really possible? And is it a real solution for the average person with a busy schedule, who doesn't have hundreds or thousands of dollars to invest? Read on and decide if the HCG drops diet will be right for you.

I Want the Truth! Does it Work?

There really isn't a catch-all diet that is going to be the answer for every individual suffering from unwanted fat. Also account in human error and/or fault on the part of the dieter. If the program is not followed correctly, purposely or otherwise, then the results won't be as dramatic.

Searching through the thousands of reviews, there are very few complaints about failure. And the few that are out there usually admit to cheating, or simply realizing they are more suited for a traditional diet/exercise routine.

The majority of experiences consist of losing 5-10lbs the first week. Many that have done full rounds report losses between 20-40 lbs at the end.

What Exactly is the HCG Drops Diet?

The program revolves around HCG drops, which are taken orally at least two times a day, depending on your HCG supplier. There is no exercise routine required, but if you were exercising before starting then continue with that routine.

The other side to the diet is the 500-calorie per day intake. There is a very strict menu to follow. No sugars or starches are permitted. Check out "Pounds and Inches," written by Dr. Simeons, for a full listing of approved foods.

This is the general idea of the HCG Protocol, but there are a lot more details that should be looked into before starting the program. Dr. Simeons manuscript should be gone over before starting the HCG drops diet. This will give the dieter the best understanding of how fat is consumed, and why the everything is structured the way it is. It also explains how the protocol originated.

How do I Choose Where to Get HCG Drops?

There are many different suppliers that offer HCG drops. There are also a lot of fake products out there that do not contain real HCG. Do a little bit of research to see what others have experienced with a supplier, and check out the company's credentials. My favorite place to do "background checks"? The Better Business Bureau!

This program has worked wonders for many people, but will not be the answer for everyone. The restrictive menu is a lot to consider. Evaluate yourself, and decide whether the HCG drops diet is the route for you.

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