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Health And Losing Weight
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Health And Losing Weight

Dropping excess pounds is widely accepted as a major reason that most people who are considered obese enjoy better health when they get their body back to the weight recommended for their height. So it isn’t a surprise that they recover from a diagnosed condition of diabetes, heart problems, etc.

It also isn’t a surprise that most overweight persons do not want to change their diet or go on a very different objectionable diet. Some obese people reject trying to lose weight if they have to undergo strict diets and regular exercise.

There are an enormous number of program diets that claim to provide fat and/or weight loss and most all of them might possibly help for a short time span. But as soon as the diet is no longer being followed, the weight returns. Frequently weight loss is principally water loss.

Diets for the most part only provide a small weight loss and then weight gain back to the initial weight the person stated with. They yo-yo up and down continuously until the dieter gets discouraged and quits entirely.

After talking to and hearing from many who are looking for a weight loss method that doesn’t include distasteful diets and muscle loss along with the weight loss, there has to be a way to accomplish this. So when this method is found along with convincing testimonials, this will be a slam dunk successful option. Losing weight in a health improving way along with not losing muscle mass is most desirable.

Any fat and/or weight loss desired by those needing health improvements is frequently targeted toward specific parts of their body. Following are some areas that concern those looking to lose weight fast: Total Body Fat; Belly Fat; Thigh Fat; Stomach Fat; Back Fat; and Waist Fat.

I personally have observed obese persons have more than ordinary health problems. I’ve also noticed that many obese people I encounter have rolls of fat and are found at most all of the eat all you want buffets I have been to. When I looked many places to find out methods of losing weight, I found that major consideration should be given to what builds up in our intestines over the years in all of us.

Plaque and parasites need to be eliminated in all of us. Many persons I’ve discussed this with believe all people who eat supermarket food other than unprocessed original farm grown food have some level of plaque and parasites in our intestines. This is believed to be the result of harmful chemicals, etc., perhaps in every food on the market.

By researching food additives, etc., I found a doctor who was researching the subject of how to lose weight without dieting. Because food additives were thought to be the cause of harmful plaque and parasites that build up in all people’s intestines, this doctor discovered by removing this plaque, weight loss was the result.

Since we cannot eliminate eating food, a method other than diet was needed to be found. Dieting requires food of some type and description, but in my opinion and observation, dieting has never proven to provide acceptable weight loss results.

Two volunteers I am aware of consented to try to lose weight without dieting and have enjoyed tremendous success. These volunteers enjoyed tremendous health benefits in addition to losing a large amount of weight.

This is a win-win situation when you don’t change your diet, lose fat, keep muscle, gain a better appearance, and enjoy health benefits beyond belief.

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I lost over 40lbs. I eat sometimes when I don't want to, that's just how much I eat. and I have great energy. No problem with plateauing either. My point is that "Changing Eating Habits" and Moderation is the main key. I do like reading about new methods though. You would not believe me if I told you the things that I've eaten since changing my eating habits. And I never gained nothing. Great article! Thanks Don

  about 1 decade ago
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