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Healthy Cheap Foods - Lose Your Baby Weight And Stay On Budget
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Healthy Cheap Foods  -  Lose Your Baby Weight And Stay on Budget

After having a baby, funds can get on the tighter side. After all, you are now buying things like diapers, formula (if you're not breastfeeding), baby clothes, etc...the list goes on and on, right? Now, many new moms also want to lose their pregnancy weight and, of course, they will need to eat healthy in order to do so. So, in this article, we will discuss tips on how to grocery shop on a budget as well as give you a list of some healthy cheap foods to add to your grocery list.

Grocery Shopping Tips:

- Buying foods from the bulk bins is cheaper than buying them already packaged. Some healthy examples are beans, whole wheat pasta, quinoa, nuts and brown rice.

- Buy things like apples, oranges, etc. already bagged (in bulk) rather than paying by the pound.

- Buy fruits and veggies that are in season. You can always stock up on these and freeze them.

- Always keep your eye on flyers for sales and coupons (you can also order coupons from some websites, such as coupon websites or the manufacturer's website).

- Buy the generic brands of foods. They are normally more inexpensive than the bigger brand names.

- Avoid pre-cut foods; they cost more. Instead of already shredded cheese, buy the block of cheese, and instead of pre-cut carrots, buy the uncut kind. With meat, instead of buying chicken breasts, buy a whole roast chicken and freeze some in portions. Also, instead of the pre-packaged (microwave-type) popcorn, buy the popcorn kernels and pop them yourself. It's cheaper and healthier (because you won't add the butter, right?).

Healthy Cheap Foods List:

1. Sweet Potatoes. Not only are they low in calories, but sweet potatoes are also inexpensive. They are nutrient and antioxidant rich and are a great source of fiber.

2. Dried Beans. These little morsels make the healthy cheap foods list because they are very inexpensive to buy and they are fiber and protein rich as well. It is best to stick to the dried types of beans as opposed to the canned varieties as the canned types contain more sodium and cost more.

3. Eggs. Being low in calories and high in protein, eggs make a great low-cost and healthy, filling snack or breakfast food.

4. Oats. Oats are one of those classic healthy cheap foods that never seem to go out of style. People have been eating oatmeal for breakfast for years and years! You can add cinnamon, fresh or dried fruit or nuts to it for some added flavor. Oats are a great source of fiber which will help you lose your baby weight because they will keep you feeling full longer.

5. Broccoli. This nutrient-packed vegetable is also a great source of fiber and it all comes at a low cost.

6. Apples. Being a good source of fiber, apples are beneficial to help you lose your baby weight. They are also one of those healthy cheap foods that are available year round at a low cost.

7. Spinach. While being super low in calories, not to mention cost, spinach is loaded with vitamins and minerals and is a great source of fiber.

By following these tips and adding these healthy cheap foods to your grocery list as staples in your house, you will be well on your way to saving more money. Incorporate exercise with these healthy foods, and you will lose your baby weight in no time!

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