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Healthy Diets For Weight Loss
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Are you fed up of all the advertised diets? If you are like most people you will have tried a few diets and not had the success you are looking for. I tried many of the advertised diets for eighteen years. I tried the pills and the potions and the meal replacements. I lost weight a few times but I always put it back on. It wasn't until I took the time to research for myself that I found out healthy diets for weight loss are actually the best kind.

This was backed up by scientific study after scientific study done over a forty year span. All these studies advocated healthy diets for weight loss rather that the media advertised diets we see every day.

What they said was to just eat the most natural food possible. Steak, fish, lean chicken, pork, fruit and vegetables. They said to throw away all processed foods and anything unnatural. The basic principle of what they were saying was to take out low nutrition food and add high nutrition food. They said don't starve yourself. Just eat more of the good stuff and less of the bad stuff.

So I took out all complex carbohydrates. They are low nutrition and high in calories. Which means I had no potatoes, rice, bread or pasta. If anyone tells you that is unhealthy they have been reading too many tabloid news papers. If you are eating lean meat and plenty of fruit and vegetables you are getting more than enough carbohydrates from the fruit and vegetables.

For breakfast I would mostly have a smoothie. I would just throw in a few pieces of fruit to a blender with a bit of skimmed milk and low fat yogurt. Really easy! That is the best bit about healthy diets for weight loss. They are so simple to make. If I wasn't having a smoothie, I would have an omelet. I would just fry a few vegetables in a pan, add the whisked eggs and its ready in two minutes. Easy!

Lunch was a salad. Again really easy. Some lettuce a few chopped vegetables, grated carrot and maybe some tuna or grilled chicken. With some imagination, the variety you can get with a salad is huge. Easy, healthy great!

Dinner was a steak of any meat of my choice with stir fried vegetables. Again so easy and good natural food. for a bit of variety you can use a tomato based sauce or a curry paste for the vegetables. Once again easy, healthy great!

The main point for healthy diets for weight loss is just to keep it simple. The simpler the better. Use fresh natural ingredients and you are feeding your body with exactly what it needs for health and optimum weight. And if you just keep eating that way you can stay slim forever.

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