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Heart Diseases Can Be Caused By Belly Fat
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A new scientific study reveals that you need to lose belly fat in order to lessen the risk of heart diseases. A study was conducted over 25,000 men and women from age 45 to 75 in the United States. Another study as per the American Heart Association shows that belly fat is a risk factor for heart diseases and the measurement using the waist hip ratio is the best predictor of heart diseases.

The measurement of the bodies of men and women were taken by the researchers and were studied for an average of over 9 years. A few thousands of men and women developed heart disease while the research was being carried out.

Men were found more likely to develop a heart disease in the highest 20% of waist to hip ratios by 50% than those in the lowest 20%. So the men with huge belly fat were more likely to get a heart disease than those with not so large belly fat. In women, it’s even worse as women in the highest 20% of the ratio were 90% more likely to develop heart disease than the lowest 20%.

Heart diseases caused by belly fat include coronary artery disease as the major among them. The risk of death associated with this disease and central obesity was determined by waist to hip ratio and waist circumference as mentioned above.

As per world renowned cardiologists, belly or visceral fat is more metabolically active in the human body. This fat produces more changes in the blood sugar, blood pressure and cholesterol. They also clarify that there is no increased risk of heart disease if people have fat in other parts of the body, such as buttocks and legs.

There is also a direct evidence of an association between the arteries hardening process of atherosclerosis and the inflammation around the cells of visceral fat deposits as per the researchers from the University of Michigan Cardiovascular Centre. They also state that further artery damage could be protected by a medication frequently given to people with diabetes to calm the inflammation around the cells.

This study shows the significance of losing weight as people who are obese are prone to several serious diseases including those of the heart. People with big bellies and little hips are not considered to be obese. They are just seen as people who have belly fat. People, who are not much overweight, but have big belly and whose contrast between the belly and the waist size are more likely to be affected by cardiovascular problems.

Apart from heart diseases, belly fat is responsible for high blood pressure, high blood sugar level, high cholesterol, impotence, wrinkles and diabetes. There are many dangerous medical conditions to be faced if the body stores excessive amounts of visceral fat in the abdomen. The kidneys are also likely to be squeezed due to the presence of this extra fat which could lead to high blood pressure.

Type 2 diabetes is also caused as the liver is overworked which causes high blood sugar levels in the body. Thus, the fat is not effectively processed by the liver which causes the cholesterol to raise eventually causing heart problems.

Belly fat and diseases go hand in hand and in order to cut the belly fat, you must restrict the intake of bad calories in the body. Exercise properly and also indulge in some activities.

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