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Hi There Vegetables: Which Of You 3 Will Get Rid Of Stomach Fat
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Hi There Vegetables: Which Of You 3 Will Get Rid Of Stomach Fat

There are certain types of vegetables that, if eaten regularly, will help you lose your belly fat. If you think that sounds crazy, then keep reading below because we haven't even scratched the surface yet.

Most people aren't aware of the different kinds of chemicals present in our food, water, and environment. Chemicals such as pesticides, herbicides, and petrochemicals can all cause serious health problems in both men and women; the least worrisome of which is an increase in stomach fat. Crazy, right?

These chemicals, known as xenoestrogens, mimic the effects of estrogen and disrupt normal hormone function in our bodies. Recent research has linked xenoestrogens to breast cancer, early arrival of puberty, infertility, miscarriages, low sperm count, prostate and testicular cancers. Now, these are some serious health problems. What's worse, in today's society even if you are eating right and live in low pollution regions, it's almost impossible not to get some amount of daily contact to xenoestrogens.

The question becomes: how do we fight against xenoestrogens so that we get rid of stomach fat and decrease the risk of all of these disastrous health problems.

Two words: cruciferous vegetables.

There are several different classes of veggies, teas, and spices that have xenoestrogen combatant compounds that limit its effects on our bodies. Cruciferous Vegetables are one of the most potent classes and they include broccoli, kale, brussels sprouts, cauliflower, cabbage, bok choy, etc.

These vegetables help you to lose belly fat more successfully because they contain special compounds (phytonutrients) like indole-3-carbinol (I3C) that help defeat xenoestrogens in your system. Besides disease fighting phytonutrients, cruciferous vegetables also contain fiber, vitamins, and minerals which are important in maintaining a healthy body.

Mmm, Broccoli never tasted so good huh? Well, if you're not a fan of vegetables, here are a few tips to maximize taste and nutrition when buying and cooking cruciferous veggies:

• Overcooking cruciferous vegetables can produce a potent sulfur smell; so don't overcook.

• Chop your vegetables and then add to soups, stews and casseroles.

• Add raw broccoli or cauliflower to your green salad for an instant nutrient boost.

• When purchasing broccoli, look for firm florets with a purple, dark green, or bluish hue on the top. They are likely to contain more beta-carotene and vitamin C than broccoli with light green florets. If the broccoli is yellowish or limp and bendable, don't buy it because it is old.

• Quite a few types of cruciferous vegetables such as brussels sprouts, cauliflower, and broccoli are ready to go in the frozen sections of your supermarket.

Good luck on your fitness goals and I hope this article helps you get rid of stomach fat.

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