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Hints To Stop Emotional Eating
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Hints to Stop Emotional Eating

We are a product of our past. Any way we slice it or dice it, we are a culmination of all past experiences. We've all heard the saying, "If you keep doing what you are doing, you will keep getting what you're getting."

If you were pleased with your current results, I doubt very much you would have clicked on this article to read. The real frustration is, how do we change what we are doing so we can get immediate and lasting results that we truly desire?

Weight loss has become an absolute obsession with many people I know. I have to admit that I too have experienced my share of obsessive behaviors through the years, until I discovered that weight loss isn't an event, it is a lifestyle.

So often we think that sheer willpower will drive the change we need to stop emotional eating and obesity. Reality is, our belief systems are woven deeply into our minds. Willpower can drive change, but often times it isn't enough.

Lifestyle changes are needed to break up patterns and change those deeply bread beliefs. People do things to either gain pleasure or resist pain; that is the basic law of why we do things.

We eat to either gain pleasure or resist pain.

I recall years ago my grandmother passed away. I became very depressed and I began to eat. I gained an incredible amount of weight in just a few weeks. I ate to cover the pain and drown out my loss.

The turning point was when my grandfather, who I also loved and adored, commented one day, "Wow, food sure is treating you well."

I immediately went on a crash diet to avoid the pain of criticism. Sound familiar?

We can gain control of our emotional eating habits. The greatest lesson learned when practicing as a hypnotherapist was this, you need to change habits and beliefs, not eliminate them.

If you desire to stop nibbling on chips when you are cooking dinner, for example, replace the chips with almonds, water, or carrot sticks.

If you feel the need to clean your plate before leaving the table, reduce the size of your plate.

If you are compelled to eat everything on the table, make smaller meals, don't calculate for leftovers, or second helpings.

If you eat when you are lonely, replace your loneliness with jogging, biking, reading books, drawing, etc.

If you eat when you are upset, instead of reaching for food, call a friend and go for a walk.

Simple lifestyle changes make a huge difference. Sometimes, however, even the simple changes are extremely challenging since the habits and beliefs have been ingrained for so many years.

If you find the need for additional help to overcome these challenges, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Tapping, and hypnotherapy are only a few techniques that are extremely effective.

Changing your lifestyle for weight loss drives permanent and lasting weight loss. There are hundreds of fad diets out there, but are they healthy? Will they catapult vibrant healthy and energy? Are they long-term? Are they improving your lifestyle and quality of life?

The ability to control emotional eating is dependent on your ability to honestly identify the reasons your turn to food to avoid pain or gain pleasure, and then address those underlying causes.

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