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How Can We Make Ourselves To Drink More Water?
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How can we make ourselves to drink more Water?

We need to drink at least 2 liters of pure water per day, to make our body hydrated. But we need much more than that. Daily workouts, exercises, sports and jobs makes us thirsty, but sometimes we don't even know it. Our organs, muscles and blood cells needs water. If you are sports person, you need at least 4 liters of liquid per day. This should be water and not soda drinks. The other thing what I would recommend is also to drink a lot of smoothies. It depends from what kind you make, but it contains a lot of pure water and fresh fruit or vegetable juices.

The main thing about water is that it feeds our muscle cells. If we don't get it enough, the cells use fat instead, which is not good. It's unhealthy and makes us fat and tired. But how can we drink more water, even if we are not used to it?

 First thing that is certain, is that we exercise more, so that we get thirsty all the time. The need for liquids increases when we sweat and when we work out very hard.

Secondly, I would really recommend to get yourself a water bottle, especially those recycled one, that can be used many times. Avoid those plastic soda bottles that you buy in stores, that are only for one-time usage. You have to take it everywhere, especially to work or college classes, have at the computer when you are writing stuff for work or when you are studying for an important exam. The water bottle really does the job. It literally forces us to drink more, because we have it with us all the time. What I would recommend is to buy a medium size flask, so that you can go and refill it several times, to stand up and go pure in it. That way, you are able to stand up from your office chair or desk chair and do a little exercise to the water pipe or water maker. If you have a large size water bottle, you won't stand up and also the water is not as fresh. You can pure fresh drinking water or you can make a liquid fruit or vegetable smoothie.

Finally, you can persuade to drink more water by eating more in smaller amounts, especially some spicy food from time to time or just regular food.

It is really important to drink at least 1 liter of water in the morning when you wake up. This should be lukewarm or hot, but not cold, because it's not good for your stomach. After that, make a smoothie. You can drink it right a way or take it to go. During the day, as I have mentioned above in  second point, you should consider to get yourself a water bottle, so that you can force yourself to drink more. It will get into your habit so that you won't need to remind yourself every time.

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Great article Brooklyn. A good reminder to us to drink lots of water with the heat around !

  about 1 decade ago
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