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How Do Celebrity Weight Loss Regimes Differ To Those Used By Non - Celebrities?
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Most ordinary people will use a variety of different weight loss methods to try and lose a few pounds. Indeed nowadays you could argue that there are too many weight loss products and services to choose from.

Of course nearly all of them will relate to either diet or exercise in some way. The most obvious weight loss method, and one that a lot of people will do first of all, is to reduce food intake.

The recommended allowance is 2000 calories per day. So if you can consume a lot less than this, and preferably less than 1500 calories per day, then this will go a long way. This is actually quite easy to do if you eliminate junk food and unhealthy snacks and replace them with fruit and vegetables, which obviously contain a lot less calories.

Another popular weight loss method is to simply start doing a lot more exercise. If you are quite a lazy person who doesn't like doing any exercise at all, then you can start by doing something easy, like walking for example. A 30 minute walk every day, for instance, will help you burn a few extra calories, and yet it will not be very tiring at all.

If you want to burn a lot more calories, then I suggest you think about taking up running, cycling or swimming, for instance. I myself like to use my home exercise bike because I can burn 350 calories per workout, which generally lasts 25 minutes, and I don't even have to leave the house, which is particularly beneficial when it is pouring down with rain outside.

Finally a lot of people tend to use diet pills these days in addition to diet and exercise. These pills are widely available in health stores and online because a lot of them use natural ingredients which have been fully approved and deemed to be safe to use.

So how do celebrities lose weight, and do their weight loss methods differ to the rest of us?

Well the simple answer is that many celebrities use exactly the same methods themselves. So for example they will start exercising a lot more, or they will start a new type of diet, for example.

They also tend to use diet supplements quite a lot, just like many of us do. The likes of Roxanne Pallett, Gemma Merna and Lauren Goodger have all mentioned that they have used weight loss pills to help them get in shape recently, and high profile celebrities such as Kim Kardashian have also used them as well.

The one advantage these celebrities do have is that they can afford to hire their own fitness instructor. When you consider that doing lots of exercise is arguably the best way to lose weight, it stands to reason that it is a lot easier to hit your targets when you have a professional trainer on hand to teach you which exercises you should be doing, and to keep you motivated.

So the point is that celebrities struggle with their weight as much as the rest of us, and whilst they have a lot of disposable income to spend on personal trainers, for example, they still largely employ the same kind of methods. These include sticking to a low calorie diet, doing lots of exercise and taking a diet supplement.

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