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How Do I Lose Weight Fast?
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Many people are asking themselves “How do I lose weight fast?” This is not the kind of question that you should be asking. Instead you should be asking yourself “How can I lose weight permanently?” Let me explain.

Many people that want to lose weight fast will almost always resort to some kind of crash diet. They will put themselves on a very restrictive diet for a time and then when they can no longer hold out on that diet they will go back to their old one. They will lose weight on this but this weight loss will not last forever 95% of the time. What will happen is as soon as that someone goes back on the old diet they will gain all the weight back and even more. This is because restrictive diets, designed for one to lose weight really fast, will damage your metabolism which means that your body will train itself to become more efficient in burning calories.

If the amount of calories needed to maintain your weight was at 3000 calories it may only be 2500 calories by the time you come off your diet. You go back to eating 3000 calories then you will start to gain weight and will soon be fatter than you were before.

The answer therefore is to lose weight but lose it in moderation. This will ensure that you will not damage your metabolism and you can keep the weight off permanently. You should aim for about 2 pounds of fat or weight loss a week. This is a safe amount and in about 3 months you can expect to lose about 20 pounds which is a sizeable amount of weight to lose and will leave you healthier than you were before.

Losing weight is a case of calories in and calories out. You should aim for a moderate deficit of about 500 calories each day. This means if your maintenance level was about 3000 calories you should aim to consume 2500 calories. There are a lot of smart ways to reduce the amount of calories you consume during the day without having to suffer from hunger and deprivation. Once you use these methods and combine them with your daily exercise regime you will be a place where you can expect steady fat loss.

I could try and sell you some kind of dream or fantasy about losing 10 pounds in a week but this is the reality. Remember you should not be asking yourself “how do I lose weight really fast?” But you should be asking yourself rather “how do I lose weight permanently?”

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