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How To Become Slim And Stay Slim For Life
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How to Become Slim And Stay Slim for Life

People all over the world are ditching the diet and learning how to become slim without deprivation by adopting the habits of naturally slim people. If like me, you have spent the majority of your life on and off diets, you will know that they just don't work and it is time for you to learn how to become slim and stay slim once and for all!

So if diets don't work, then what does? In my opinion there is only one way forward and that is to forget diets altogether and make the decision that you will adopt the habits of a naturally slim person. If you watch people who are naturally slim, it seems like they are the ones that can eat whatever they like - they never worry about food, they don't have an internal struggle when they want to indulge and they don't put on an ounce.

It can easily seem like these people have won the genetic lottery and are just meant to be slim but once you study them you will see that they have a certain way of 'being' around food and some natural beliefs that are deeply ingrained meaning that staying trim is effortless for them. No matter how long you have been struggling with your weight, you too can study these habits and learn how to become slim and ditch the diets once and for all. All it takes from you is a decision that you deserve to make this change and a determination to practice these habits until they become natural for you.

So will you learn how to become slim overnight? Probably not - you may have spent many years with habits that have caused you to gain weight so it may take a little time to change these and develop new ones. Most people who have dieted all their life think that there are only 2 choices - on a diet (being really good) or off a diet (being really bad or over-indulging). The good news is that there is a middle way - a place where you can learn how to become slim by embracing a healthy lifestyle as a natural choice and still indulge now and then without guilt.

So where do you start living like a slim person? Here are my top 5 tips to get you started on the right path:

1. Start listening to your body...

...and I mean really listening. We have our own internal GPS system that tells us when we need to eat and whether the food feels good in our body. Close your eyes now and place your hand on your stomach - what is it telling you?

2. Eat when you are hungry...

Diets have long taught us to ignore our hunger signals, causing our bodies to go into famine mode and store fat! Stop the starve / binge cycle by tuning into your natural hunger. This is one of the most effective things you can do to get on the path to a naturally slim you.

3. Give yourself permission...

Forget what the diet industry is telling you and start eating foods that you love. This means ditching the plastic fake diet foods and opting for natural whole foods that provide nourishment and satisfaction. One rule - make sure your body loves the food too and doesn't feel tired or sick when you eat it .

4. Stop when you are full...

A hard one for those of us who have been dieting for years but if you eat only when you are hungry and stop when you are full, you will start to see your body shape change quickly - if you are determined to learn how to become slim once and for all, these 2 actions are going to make all the difference to your results.

5. Get fussy...

This means quality over quantity. Start treating your body like the temple it is by only giving it high quality, natural foods. Cheap junk will feel like junk in your body so yes you can have your cake and eat it, just make sure you are hungry, that is it high quality, that you savour every mouthful and that you stop when you are full.

Diets don't work, listening to your body does. You to can learn how to become slim. Isn't it time you joined the revolution? You will be glad that you did, I just know it...

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