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How To Become Slim Naturally By Loving Your Body
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How to Become Slim Naturally by Loving Your Body

There is no doubt about it, if you want to learn how to become slim naturally, you need to stop dieting and start living like naturally slim people do. People who have learnt how to become slim naturally have a positive relationship with their body. This means they have learnt to stop criticising it so much and have learned how to talk lovingly to their body instead. It isn't that they have this super confidence and can simply look in the mirror and love every bit of themselves, but they are able to appreciate their body - imperfections too!

What we need to remember is that the body we have is ours for life and even though it may not be perfect, it is our constant companion - there are many relationships that will come and go over a lifetime but the one we have with our body is with us for the duration.

Understanding this helped me on the road to changing the way I felt about my body forever and I have the same wish for you so that you can too learn how to become slim naturally. It is time to start appreciating your body so that you can replace the self loathing and constant criticism into a lifelong affair - starting with some body facts...

Most of us are so obsessed with our weight and size that we forget what an amazing machine our body really is. Our internal organs such as our heart and lungs work 24/7 to ensure we stay alive and healthy, our liver works constantly to rid our body of unwanted toxins, our digestive system works to keep us nourished and keep our blood sugar level, our muscles and limbs help us to move and take part in activities we love, our body works hard to keep us at a consistent regular temperature day and night, we have internal systems that look after us and tell us when to eat, sleep and relax – and all of this done totally on auto pilot too keep us alive and safe.

Start appreciating your wonderful body today:

Stand in your underwear (or light clothing if you are not comfortable) in front of a full length mirror when you know you won’t be disturbed and spend a bit of time with your new best friend and ally – your body. Notice each part of your body in turn including imagining your internal organs working hard to keep you healthy. Place your hands on each part of you and thank and acknowledge them for the amazing job they do for you every day. Remember that each body part is part of you and deserves to be loved as much as you do.

Repeating this exercise as often as possible will soon help you learn how to become slim naturally by loving your body more - remember it's the only one you have (in this lifetime at least), so taking the time to love it for what it does for you can make a huge difference to your longer term results.

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