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How To Become Slim Naturally Eating The Foods You Love
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How to Become Slim Naturally Eating the Foods You Love

One of the biggest complaints from dieters everywhere is that they can't eat the foods they love. This causes them to feel more and more deprived and any weak moments can easily build up into a full-on binge. But this just isn't how it is meant to be. If you watch naturally slim people, they don't constantly deprive themselves of everything? You too can learn how to become slim naturally eating the foods you love and here are some tips to get you on the right track.

Eat when you are hungry and stop when you're not!

If you follow this pattern and made a conscious effort to do it at each meal, you would quickly see results. After all, learning how to become slim naturally means that you eat for one reason only - hunger! If you did this the majority of the time, you could easily incorporate the foods that you love because stopping once your hunger is satisfied (neutral - not fit to burst) means that you only take in the food that your body needs without any excess left to be stored on the hips! For some people who have dieted all their lives though, this step may be too big a jump so if it feels like that for you, you may want to try...

The 80/20 rule...

This is something I have used myself in the past and is a great way to get a balance between eating healthily and indulging. In means making a commitment to yourself to eat healthily in ways that you believe will support the shape and body you want for 80% of the time and allowing yourself to indulge for the remaining 20%. So if your aim is to learn how to become slim naturally whilst applying this rule, what does it look like in practice?

Well lets say that you have 3 meals and 2 small snacks a day over 7 days, this would mean that around 4 of your meals and 2 of your snacks would contain something that felt more indulgent but remember that you need to be listening to your hunger rather than over-stuffing so the best way to do this is to add 1 small indulgent portion to your meal rather than going full-on with replacing the whole plate. Here is an example of what indulgent items you might add in a week:

Meals: Curry and rice from the local takeaway (2 items). A handful of fries with your dinner in the week (1 item). A small sweet muffin for breakfast 1 day (1 item)

Snacks: A small chocolate bar as a snack (1 item). A handful of honey peanuts as a weekend snack (1 item)

A great way of still incorporating the foods that you love whilst still feeling like you are in control and as your learn more and more how to become slim naturally, you can start eating naturally by following your natural hunger and fullness signals.

One last note though - if you are learning how to become slim naturally, you will also want to treat your body well by only wanting food that it loves. This means foods that don't agree with you or leave you feeling drained rather than energetic might not be right for you in the long term so they are best avoided or eaten very occasionally. This is why listening to your body's signals is one of the most important things you can do for longer term success.

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