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How To Diet And Exercise For Couch Potatoes
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For most of us the last thing we want to do is starve ourselves all day and go to the gym after work. We just don't feel up to it. This is why so many people fail at dieting. All the media offered solutions are extremely unappealing. Torturing yourself in the gym and starving yourself is just not nice.

After experiencing so many diet failures myself, I decided to do it differently. I decided I would make it easy rather than difficult. I consequently lost a lot of weight and have kept it off without a struggle.Here are my how to diet and exercise rules for couch potatoes.

How to diet and exercise for couch potatoes rule 1 - Do It The Easy Way!

Everybody gets it wrong. They all try and do it too fast. Now when, like me, you are a bit of a couch potato trying to change yourself too fast is literally impossible. Do you think you could do a five mile every morning for the next week starting from tomorrow morning? And eat very little? And go to work? And deal with your family or partner on top of this?

I had tried it the hard way so many times and failed that I realized something had to change. I thought why don't I just make it really easy. So I did. I set out change just one thing each week and then by doing that the change would be really easy

Week one was a smoothie and a fifteen minute walk ( If you can't do fifteen do ten or five minutes. Whatever you can to start.) Week two a smoothie, half hour walk and a big salad for lunch. I added another healthy meal in the evening and extended the walk again in week three. Week four I was eating three healthy meals and walking for an hour.

I had completely transformed the way I do things steadily over a month. I hardly even noticed the change. I was feeling a hundred times better and I was losing weight without a lot of effort. It was great.

How to diet and exercise for couch potatoes rule 2 - Think Long Term!

When I did this it was so much easier. I was not worried about having results so soon. I was under no pressure and I could just enjoy my transition from couch potato to a semi active person. Accept that you are making changes for the long term and you don't feel like you are denying yourself either. you know that you are being good to yourself and that feels so much better.

Ok there are my how to diet and exercise rules. I f you follow them you will be assured of dieting success.

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Eat within 20-40 minutes of getting up in the morning to kick start your metabolism.

  about 9 years ago
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