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How To Flatten Your Belly And Get Your Six Packs!
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Imagine yourself walking at the beach with just your trunks or your bikinis on. Picture yourself at the mall, strutting in your jeans paired with midrib shirts with your 6 pack abs showing. Would that not make heads turn along with envious looks?

Not an easy thing to grab but very achievable to do. Going to the gym would not be enough to reach this goal; healthy lifestyle and proper nutrition should be partnered with it.

Eating clean may seem hard at first, but once it becomes a lifestyle, the reward is huge. Your body becomes a fat destroying machine. And couple eating clean with regular weight workouts, working the abs a minimum of three times a week with this routine, getting sufficient sleep and keeping stress at a minimum, and you will enjoy the fruits of your labor beyond your wildest dream. 6 pack abs would be waiting on the way, I promise.

There’s something special about this routine. Each of these exercises is designed to target the lower abs. I can hear you: “Why hit the lower abs with every exercise?”

The reason behind is that although the lower abs are hit hard, the upper abs are also brought into action. And because the lower abs are hard to “bring out” it is a good plan to target lower abs with specialized movements. Men and women too have different metabolism rates and so is with their routine exercises to get their 6 pack abs. The next section is divided into two exercise categories, one for the males and one for the females.

For Women    

1. Toes to Ceiling Hip Raise: Hold the bench with your hands for balance. Keep your legs vertical throughout the hip raising action.

2. Reverse Crunch: Start with your toes touching the floor. Keep your knees bent throughout the movement. Allow your toes to lightly kiss the floor on the downward movement.

3. Oblique Bench Crunch: Make sure your quads stay in the vertical position. As you bring your shoulders off the ground, twist to the right and on the next repetition, twist toward the left.

4. Knee Tuck: Lean back, with your hands holding the bench. Bring your bent knees up toward your chest and repeat. Tips For Sets and Reps: Beginners: - Just do one set of each exercise at 10-15 reps. Intermediates: - Go for two sets of each movement, pushing the reps to 20-30 Advanced: – The sky’s the limit. However, it is recommended not to do more than three sets of each exercise, but the rep count can be pushed to as high as 50 per set.

For Men:

1. Core Roll: This exercise should be done with band straps or exercise bands. Stand facing away from the band straps straight in front of you. While keeping your elbows locked, roll down so that you end up in a straight position from your hands to your feet; keep your abs tight throughout the move.

2. Atomic Pushups: This exercise should be done with band straps or exercise bands. Assume the push up position with your feet inserted the handles of the band strap. Perform a push up  then draw your knees towards your chest.

3. Medicine Ball Hammers: Stand holding a medicine ball up above your head with your elbows locked. In one quick motion, “hammer” the medicine ball down to the ground keeping your elbows locked and your chest out. Slowly raise the ball up and repeat movement. 

So, all said and done, getting six packs is very easy. It needs a great commitment and patience. Have you ever heard, no pain no gain. This is the time. However, it is no miracle, just follow the above steps religiously, and before you know it, you will be the happiest person in the world for your achievement. You will show the way to the rest of your friends and families who have always dreamed to live happily and healthy with a six pack abs. What are you waiting for, get six packs now. Enjoy!

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