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How To Lose Belly Fat - Variable Training Techniques To Lose Belly Fat
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Having a regular physical exercise regimen, such as abdominal exercises, helps you achieve muscle strength, stamina, the ability to handle the stresses in life, as well as lose belly fat.  However, it is not enough to just wake up early in the morning to jog, run, and do these belly fat exercises.  Since most of us who are new to this training are not familiar with the proper techniques to be used in order to prevent extreme fatigue and possible injury to our bodies, it is a wise idea to seek advice from a licensed physical fitness instructor.  If you have some health concerns such as asthma, heart problems, or musculoskeletal deficiencies, please consult first your physician before ever starting any of these exercises, particularly abs workouts.  We want to avoid any injuries and other health implications.

The right way to perform physical exercises is not to do simply muscle extensions and flexions, particularly to lose belly fat.  Mere repetitions of these activities will not help you get nice results, in order to lose stomach fat, during your workout.  Always remember that for a particular training, such as an abs workout to be effective, you should consider four factors: your workout goals, the type of exercises and body areas to develop, and the variation and alternation of sequence, and the number of orders per exercise.  As far as the sequence or order of physical exercises is concerned, you can maximize your training by doing the following steps:

1. Reverse the order of your exercises.  Typically, most workouts start from the chest, to the biceps, triceps, back muscles, abdomen, thighs, hamstrings, and eventually to the foot.  Try to vary the sequences of your physical activity.  You can do lower abdominal exercises at first, then followed by activities that work up your other muscle groups.

2. When doing trainings, assign specific activities into different groups such as super-setting, circuit training, and tri-sets.  In a month, try doing one group of exercises per week. Nevertheless, focus more in doing your abdominal exercises.

3. Different types of exercises develop various areas of your body.  Multi-joint exercises typically target almost all body areas in just a single activity.  Single joint exercises strengthen specific muscles at a given time.  Free weight exercises are those that require the use of barbells and dumbbells, and are usually designed to develop chest muscles, biceps, and triceps.  Machine based exercises are those that require the use of gym equipment, and are designed for the torso as well as the lower extremities such as the thighs and hamstrings.

4. You should vary the number of exercises for every workout.  This change will enable your body to handle the different demands of physical activity.  In order to get six pack abs, increase the number of your lower abdominal exercises during your training. 

5. Adjust the amount of resistance of your gym equipment by changing different weights.  If you feel that a certain weight is quite light to be lifted, put on some additional weights to increase the resistance, and to challenge your body.

6. Consider the base of stability during your exercise regimen.  Most weightlifting exercises require standing and sitting positions.  Some exercises that help you lose stomach fat require a stability ball.  By the way, one-legged support exercises are usually done during yoga sessions.

7. You can vary the volume of work per different exercises.  This means that the amount of work that you exerted is equal to the sets multiplied by the repetitions, and further multiplied by the distance moved by your body.  By changing these three values, you can maximize your workouts. 8. The rest periods between sets can affect the results of your exercise.  Vary these rest times per activity.  These may be a 2-minute or a 1-minute break, or simply avoid resting when doing your training.

9. Vary your repetition speed depending on the type of your exercise.  For example, when performing bench presses, increase your repetition speed.  Change your pace during another session.  Afterwards, take sufficient time to rest, especially after doing both standing abdominal exercises and lower abdominal exercises because you could strain your abs if you push yourself too much. 

10. You can change the range of motion when flexing and extending your arms and legs.  Partially flex/bend them on a certain exercise, and fully flex or extend them in another type of exercise.  When performing an abs workout such as crunches, you can give allowance by not flexing too much.  By gradually decreasing the angle, you can fully touch your head with your knees, and in the course of your training, you can get six pack abs.

11. The exercise angle is dependent on the type of exercise that you will be performing.  Inclined and flat surfaces are used in bench presses.  Declined positions are often used for abdominal workouts such as crunches.  Bent over positions are preferred for leg curls.  Upright positions are used in barbell-lifting exercises as well as standing abdominal exercises.

12. Your training duration can also affect your performance.  Some exercises require fast repetitions but will require only a few minutes, followed by a long resting time.  Other exercises may take a longer time but are benefited with limited rest.

13. For every week, change your training frequency.  Schedule a specific week with a very intense training followed by another week with moderate activity.  If you are persistent, you can achieve your target to lose lower belly fat.

So why do you need to vary your time frame, the type of exercise, and your resting periods?  The reason is due to your body’s ability in adjusting to various physical demands.  Do you remember the first time that you started an exercise schedule?  You may have noticed that you felt very exhausted and your muscles were cramped with pain, such as when you overdo your abs workout to lose lower belly fat.  Nevertheless, as you continued the same exercise regimen, week after week and month after month, you felt that it was just too “easy?”  This is because your body had already adjusted to regular physical exertion to the point that you felt bored on your training.  In order to “challenge” your body and make your workouts more productive, you should change the pace and duration of your exercises.  You can also increase the weights of your gym equipment to a heavier type.  When doing this, your body will feel exhausted, just like the very first time you went to the gym.  Don’t worry!  Your body can quickly adapt to the new demands of your training, such as belly fat exercises.  If it has become accustomed to your usual pace, you will need to change it by applying the 13 variables as described above and set another training goal.  This is the essence of variable training.

So what happens when you will not change your exercise regimen, especially when you want to get rid of lower belly fat?  This can lead to a “training plateau” where your body is already “immune” to the usual exercise pace.  Your training will no longer be successful, and you will not get the desired results of your efforts.  You will feel bored especially during your abs workouts, and you will notice that you are not losing excess weight.  Increasing the duration and intensity of your exercises will not help, and this can result in fatigue, muscle cramps, injuries to your joints, as well as potential heart problems.

The variable training technique can be applied specifically to your usual gym habit.  Just remember to change things when doing your training.  First, vary the weight of your dumbbells and barbells.  Second, change the rate of your repetitions.  Third, you can set different series of your exercises.  Fourth, set up various workout regimens, especially if you target to lose lower belly fat.

You can make these changes, but these should be done gradually when you want to implement a variation in your ab workout, especially when changing weights from light to heavier ones.   A sudden shift in your exercise regimen can cause fatigue or bodily injury.  Integrating the following tips can improve your workout training and getting you closer to your dream of having six pack abs.  

1. When lifting medium weights, you can do 10 sets of a specific exercise with 3 repetitions for a single session.  It is suggested that you rest for only 20 seconds after finishing each set.

2. A heavier weight is quite challenging.  Due to its larger mass, a heavier weight can cause you fatigue and muscle sprain if you lift them without resting.  It is recommended that you try to complete 6 sets and have 6 repetitions for every set.  Provide an allowance of 3 minutes between two sets.  During this “resting” period, try treadmill sprints for 3 minutes.  When the time is up, go back to weightlifting.

3. Maximum weights are the most difficult of all weightlifting sessions.  Doing this needs an extra burst of energy, but in just a short period of time.  Hence, it is advisable that you complete only 10 sets with 1 repetition.  A 30-second resting time gives your body enough recovery between sets.

4. Another technique is using lighter than normal weights.  Perform only 1 set.  This is done with 50 repetitions.  Rest after performing the said exercise.

5. For a change, a full-body exercise can be done in an intense manner within a span of 20 minutes.  Concentrate your efforts on the ab workout so that you can lose stomach fat in a matter of months.

6. In another regimen, 12 different full-body exercises are done in a series, without stopping for a rest, for a certain amount of time.  Resting time comes after finishing these exercises.  Be sure to take time to relax after doing an intense abs workout.  Furthermore, this challenge should only be done by those who are physically fit, and do not force yourself if you feel pain when doing both standing abdominal exercises and lower abdominal exercises.

7. Do a reverse of the series of the 12 different full-body exercises without stopping to rest. 

8. Implement a change of repetition speed when doing one workout, then in another speed in the next session.  Try from a fast pace to a low pace or vice-versa.  This is particularly effective when doing belly fat exercises.

9. Change the number of your workouts per week.  For example, five 30-minute belly fat exercises may be completed in a certain week.  Schedule the next week’s session to three 1-hour workouts.

10. Lastly, perform drop sets during your gym sessions.  Drop sets involve fully flexing and extending your muscles until you get tired.  Be sure to take a break when doing belly fat exercises.     Losing stomach fat is possible by varying your exercise regimen as described above.  A copy of my popular e-book titled “The Truth about Six Packs Abs” is already available in the market today.  If you want to lose belly fat, or simply lose stomach fat, try my book and see the difference! 

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