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How To Lose Leg Fat Healthy Way Part 2
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In my previous article titled how to lose leg fat the healthy way. I looked at energy needs and weight loss and to introduce changes gradually and in this article i will be looking at increasing activity levels and to reduce your calorie intake to help you lose leg fat. So let me begin with increasing activity levels.

Increasing activity levels

If you increase the amount of exercises you do, and maintain the same diet and calorie intake. Then you will no doubt start to lose leg fat.

Can't go to the gym or don't like going there. Stop making excuses, a 20 minute walk is beneficial if done most days of the week. Why not even have a jog down the park of down the river, just stick in your headphones and your good to go. Every time you do exercises, you are going to be burning fat and calories. Stuck on ideas on how to increase your activity levels. Let me throw a few at you.

Team sports : Volly ball, soccer, tennis, golf even.

Running: Either jump onto the treadmill or down the park for a run.

Cycling: Have a bike, why not go on a 30 minute bike ride

Swimming: Get down to your local pool or even your own if your lucky and get them legs kicking, swimming is one of the best ways to lose leg fat

The important thing is here is to find something you enjoy doing. This is because you will more likely stick to it and not give it up, thus building into your routine.

Here are a few tips and more ideas on when you can fit in some exercises.

Get out on the weekend, forget taking your car to the shops, why not walk there. You will save a few bucks on feul aswell and be green by not driving your car.

In a building with a lift, take the stairs don't be lazy. Same goes with the bus, if you commute to work, get off a stop early and walk the rest of the way home.

When your favorited tv show is on a break, do some exercises. Why not get an exercises bike for your living room or a treadmill. This will help because instead of sitting there waiting for the end of the commercials you will be burning calories.

Ok i know i did say i will talk about how to reduce your calorie levels to lose leg fat. Well i am going to do a part 3 because there are more things i wish to add into that article and it will make this one way to long. So look out for part 3 coming soon.

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