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How To Lose Post Baby Weight
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How to Lose Post Baby Weight

Many new mothers want to know and ask how to lose my baby weight. They have been through the stress and struggle of childbirth and now want to get into the best shape of their lives, but where do they start? Losing weight after having a baby can be simple, effective and enjoyable provided the right information is obtained. I am going to discuss some of the key things to consider before embarking on a post baby weight loss plan.

The internet has a wealth of information on how to lose post baby weight, some is good but some is bad. Just like in day to day life, people have their own ideas and opinions on everything. This is one of the major stumbling blocks for new mothers when they decide they want to lose weight. Who to believe, who to follow? The idea behind this article is that it simplifies the decision making process and puts all the info swirling around into a more accessible plan.

The first thing I consider when answering, how to lose post baby weight is your diet. Yes the dreaded D word! When losing any kind of weight diet is said to make 90% of the difference, with exercise making up the other 10%! Many people think it is the other way round, ignoring what they eat because they consider themselves to exercise hard. Making the right food choices is very important, especially for new mothers. Eating a diet consisting of what are called “clean” foods within the health and fitness industry, will make your post baby weight loss far easier.

Try to choose foods that are non man made i.e. animal meat such as chicken, turkey, lean steaks, fish; eggs, potatoes, sweet potatoes, rice, oatmeal; healthy fats such as olive oil, avocados, and nuts. Also remember to drink plenty of water throughout the day; if you leave it until you are thirsty then you are already dehydrated! Not only will having a healthy diet help you lose weight, if you are breastfeeding it will improve the nutrients that are delivered through your milk.

Now just because I said diet is 90% and exercise is 10%, it does not mean you will get away with just diet alone! No, you are going to have to sweat if you want to know how to lose post baby weight. Just remember to start off slowly. Your body and mind have been through a lot over an extended period of time, so running a marathon a week after going into labour is not advisable! When it comes to exercising, you should try to find something you enjoy and where possible something that you can do with a partner. As I said before, start off slow and build up the time/intensity gradually.

A simple way to begin is by taking your baby on a walk for 15 minutes each day. Not only do you get to exercise but you get to show off your newborn to everyone! Each week you can increase the time by 5 minutes until you are up to 30 minutes. When this has been done higher intensity exercises (running/swimming/team sports etc) can be introduced 2 – 3 times per week.

I am often asked how to keep new mothers motivated during the quest to lose the baby weight. When telling people how to lose post baby weight, I let them know that each individual is different and will have different motivation factors and will come in many different forms. As mentioned before, partnering up on exercise is a great motivator as it is much harder to cancel on someone once you have said yes.

Thinking about your baby’s health through your diet is a mega boost for some people, where as others diets are determined by their own tastes. Setting goals for yourself is a great way to keep you motivated. Write these goals down somewhere you will see every day and make sure there is both long term and short term. An example could be to lose 12lbs within the first 3 months and 20lbs within a year. Make sure you share you goals with friends and family, again it is harder to stray once you have committed.

There are many things to consider when answering the question how to lose post baby weight. We have touched briefly on a few of the key factors but there is much more to follow on. A plan that has a good diet, exercise program and keeps you motive will though, start you on the right track. I hope this article has been of help, and has given you ideas on how to lose post baby weight.

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