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How To Lose Weight Fast
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Healthy Diet Plans

Have you started a new diet with the highest expectation of becoming super healthy?

Soon or later your diet plans fade and you are back to square one avoiding going to your gym or watching your weight.

It is not your fault. You logically planned to stick to your plan to workout this time. But, emotionally, the food you ate had to deal with many emotional responses inside your body.

If logic worked in the minds of most dieters, there would be cigarette smokers throwing away their packs of cigarettes in the masses.

You may have read the warning on the side of a pack of cigarettes by the SURGEON GENERAL by now..."Cigarette Smoke Contains Carbon Monoxide".

Carbon Monoxide kills people in house fires. This top SURGEON GENERAL'S WARNING should logically deter people from smoking.

Emotionally people still find it very hard to break the habit of smoking, excessive eating of processed foods, and eating after the sun goes down.

If you break the link between food and emotions you will lose the weight fast.

Detox Diets

The new name in dis-ease is acidosis. Excessive acid foods in our bodies stress out our cells, organs, and whole body.

Meats, coffee, gatorade, vitamin water, alcohol and soda are the most acidic things we can consume in our body.

Your body has to maintain a 7.35 pH blood balance. If you consume very acidic foods most of your life, there is a much higher chance for illness to take a home in your body.

Fruits and vegetables have a very high water content and should be consumed constantly.

Green natural foods like dark green leafy lettuce should be eaten with every meal. Why? Because the chlorophyll pigment of dark green vegetables absorbs massive sunlight and uses its energy to give us massive power when we consume the chlorophyll-light charged vegetable.

Chlorophyll is the closest molecule to our blood in plants.

The name of the game is neutralizing and reducing the stress to our organs. Chlorophyll's photosynthesis process reduces the toxicity in your body and produces more life.

How to Lose Weight Fast

Do you know a person who has the extra advice to give you when we say you are on a diet plan?

The new mindset is not labeling yourself with a name of your diet plan.

Why tell people you are a vegan, vegetarian, or following the hcg diet, liquid diet, atkins diet, berry diet, low cholesterol diet, zone diet, weight watchers, isagenix, jenny craig, etc...?

You are an all powerful light being. Don't let anyone have a chance to point out to you; you are off your diet!

Eating is a way of life. Eating is not a diet.

To lose weight fast, we have to think with new current concepts.

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