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How To Lose Weight Fast Is Achieved By Simply Following Directions
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How to Lose Weight Fast Is Achieved By Simply Following Directions

If you follow directions you will lose weight fast!

If you are reading this because you want to lose weight then your mind focused on losing weight. How quickly you reach your goal depends on how focused you stay. You can easily lose anywhere from 5-10 pounds in a week by following a plan. Everything starts with a plan and dedication. Your body will be your reward.

How to start

Always grab a bottle of water and make sure you are drinking at least 4 bottles a day, that's about 8 glasses of water. This helps reduce water weight and cleanse your body of toxins making your skin smoother and sexier.

What not to do

Don't skip breakfast even if you are in a hurry. Breakfast will speed up your metabolism to burn fat and lose weight fast. Grab some oatmeal to go.

What to do

Eat moderate portion control meals at least 5 times a day every 3 hours. That includes three meals and two snacks. You can always add an extra snack at night just as long as it's less than 100 calories. Try to limit yourself to 100 calorie snacks and 350 calorie meals. Try to eat your dinner early in the evening. If you have a hard schedule try to substitute your last meal with a fruit smoothie or a salad. This will help you lose weight fast and you will wake up in the morning feeling slimmer.

How to work out

Make sure you get some cardiovascular workout at least 40-60 minutes a day, 3-5 days a week by speed walking, jogging or cycling. This will help tone your body and lose fat quicker. Exercise is important because it burns those stored calories that become fat.

What to avoid

Avoid breads, pastas, sweets, sodas and juices at all costs because they contain a high intake of carbohydrates. If you are going eat bread make sure it’s made from whole grain not white flour or whole wheat and avoid cereals and crackers. If you are going to eat a cereal eat Cheerios or whole grain cereals.

My tips to you

Get motivated and learn how the first couple of pounds you lose will get you motivated to lose weight fast. Why not firm your body while you are losing weight. If you jog instead of just walk you can easily tone your body with noticeable results in less than a week. Add some crunches, they're one of the most effective abdominal exercises, your belly will look tighter. Eat water weight reducing veggies like salad and asparagus. Eat low sodium foods as they will help you not gain water weight. Salt retains water in your body making you feel bloated. Add some free weight exercises and lunges to also firm those arms, buttocks and legs.

Now you know where to start, keep in mind that what you eat will also affect your dieting. As long as you follow directions and eat five moderate portion control meals, avoid the bad stuff mentioned above and drink plenty of water, you can eat almost anything in moderation and every three hours. Remember, knowledge is key to lose weight fast. Learn more on what plan works for you that is reasonable and informative, so you can learn to lose weight fast and easy for today and tomorrow.

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