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How To Lose Weight For Teenage Girls
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Are you a teenage girl who is looking to lose weight for some reason? May be you feel that if you lose weight you will have more self confidence or you may finally get that guy who you have got your eye on to finally notice you?

Well we have a solution for you that is safe and is also backed by science. This is not some kind of magical pill we are trying to sell you like all those unethical supplement companies out there. The solution that we recommend is natural, safe and healthy.

Do you know that many people who put themselves through hell to lose weight such as going on crash diets and other extreme measures are more likely to gain even more weight when they go back to their old diet. This is because the body will take your crash diet as something major that is happenning to it and will adapt in more ways than one. These adaptations are the body will quickly start losing weight to cope with the lack of energy. This is exactly what most people want! But what they do not know is that the body also adapts by not using as much energy as it usually would. This means that the diet will become less effective as time goes on. Many may not be too worried about this because all they want to do is maybe lose about 10 pounds.

Here is the killer though, the body will also adapt in a different way. It will think to itself that "damn, this could happen again and in order to prevent this from happening and me from dying I will make it easier for me to gain weight and store fat in the future so if this happens again I will be in a better position to deal with it". This adaptation is known as the starvation response!

The body uses this as a way to to protect itself against numerous bouts of famine. This means that going on a strict starvation diet is counter-productive because in the end you will only sabotage yourself. When you go back to your old diet it will become easier to gain fat and weight and harder to lose it! Do this often enough and you can say goodbye to losing that weight permanently. Why do you think people are always yo-yoing when it comes to their weight. They put themselves on restrictive diets and once they lose the weight and go back to a normal diet, the begin to gradually gain weight because what caused them to remain steady before is now more than enough to make them gain fat.

So what is the solution you ask? The solution is trying to lose weight gradually. According to Tom Venuto who is the author of the world renowned burn the fat program, you should aim to lose about 2 pounds weekly. For some people this would seem too slow but the issue here is not time and it is rather getting there in the end. You may or may not see yourself in six months time with the body you desire and with the guy you wish to be with and look back on today as having been the start of it. This wonderful feeling could be yours if you simply make a decision to be in control of your future and lose that weight

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