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How To Lose Weight In College - 5 Incredible Tips On How To Lose Weight
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How to Lose Weight In College  -  5 Incredible Tips On How to Lose Weight

When it comes to losing weight for college students, time is the most valuable commodity around which you do not have much off. That is why you need a short and simple step-by-step plan on how to lose weight for college students. This article will reveal 5 incredible tips on how to lose weight.

Write Up A Detailed Weight Loss Plan

When it comes to losing weight in college the first thing you'll need to do is to write-up a detailed weight loss plan. This plan is vital to your success in losing weight in that it forces you to concentrate on what needs to be done to achieve your goal. By having a weight loss plan you will be in the position to eliminate procrastination and self-doubt which is evident in people who have no weight loss plan. Within your weight loss plan you'll need to put down how much weight you would like to lose, the time frame to lose that weight, what exercises you'll use in your workouts, how many sets and repetitions for each exercise as well as which days you'll work out and what foods you'll eat to lose weight. By having a weight loss plan in place you'll be one step closer to your goal than most people.

Use HIIT Cardio

In the quest to lose weight many people often jog at a slow pace believing that they'll see faster results since they're in their fat burning zone. What they don't know is that they can burn more calories including more fat overall from using HIIT cardio. HIIT cardio stands for High Intensity Interval Training and is considered to be superior to regular steady state cardio. One of the benefits of using HIIT is that it can be done in under half the time of regular steady state cardio. Instead of jogging on the treadmill for an entire hour you do HIIT in 30 minutes or under. The reason for the short workout is that HIIT focuses on the changes of the intensity of the exercise. So you'll be switching from low intensity and high intensity exercise at different intervals. Just so that you can see what HIIT involves I've included a sample beginner HIIT workout routine that lasts 10 minutes:

  • 1st set - 60 second walk, 30 second sprint
  • 2nd set - 60 second walk, 30 second sprint
  • 3rd set - 60 second walk, 30 second sprint
  • 4th set - 2 minute walk, 30 second sprint
  • 5th set - 2 minute walk, 60 second sprint

As you can see it cycles from a low intensity walk to a high intensity sprint. By the end of this workout you should be feeling puffed.

Incorporate Resistance Exercises Into Your Workouts

Not only do you need to lose fat, you'll need to gain some muscle to elevate your metabolism. This in turn allows you to accelerate your weight loss to a whole new level. The best exercises for building muscle are known as compound exercises. These exercises stimulate a greater release of muscle building hormones such as IGF-1 (Insulin like Growth Factor-1), HGH and Testosterone than isolation exercises. These exercises include push ups, pull ups, chin ups, bench press, barbell squats, deadlift and pistol squats. Incorporate these resistance exercises into your workout routine and you'll be on your way to a whole new body in no time!

Consume Smaller Meals Frequently

Smaller meals spaced every couple of hours have been proven to be more effective in losing weight in the long term than the typical 3 large meal per day arrangement. The reason for this effectiveness is that you are maintaining your blood sugar levels within a narrow range which therefore allows you to have steady, long lasting energy which aids weight loss as opposed to rapid fluctuations in blood sugar levels of eating large, infrequent meals. Foods you should be consuming include brown rice, wholegrain bread, wholegrain pasta, chicken, turkey, beef, eggs, milk, cheese as well as fruits and vegetables.

Get Plenty Of Rest

This happens to be the least covered section on weight loss since most people aren't aware that one needs to sleep a lot in order to lose weight. They automatically think that if you sleep a lot you are considered lazy but sleep is a crucial and productive part of your weight loss. Without plenty of sleep you won't see dramatic changes in your physique since hormones are released while you're fast asleep. Not only will your muscle building hormones be released but also another hormone called Melatonin which is responsible for recuperating your body will also be released. These hormones are released between the hours of 11pm and 1am hence the reason to go to bed early preferably before 10pm.

By following these tips outlined above you'll already be one step ahead of most people trying to lose weight. Even though it's not easy to lose weight and that time is not on your side appreciate the fact that you took the decision to start your weight loss. Take action today on how to lose weight in college.

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