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How To Lose Weight Really Fast And Healthy At Home Without Much Effort
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Many people around the world try to find the best key how to lose weight really fast and healthy and keep it off permanently. Actually answer is very simple: reduce calorie consumption and increase exercise.

In general, we can say, that the best long term weight loss result you can get by reducing fat and simple carbohydrate consumption, what lead to reducing calorie in total and also eating at slow speed a few times a day including fresh fruit and veggies. To improve your metabolic rate, which help you to burn more body fat, you need to increase your activity, simply regular walking.

Searching for appropriate weight loss diet to lose weight really fast and healthy, you can find plenty of them on the internet which we can divide to two categories: healthy fat reduced and not healthy very low fat diets. The difference between them is quantity and what kind of fat you can consume. Very low fat diet is quite dangerous because following it you can have a risk of heart and even liver problems. This kind of diet is very low in nutrients, not succeed in rational eating habits and hearten your muscle. This means that you will regain overweight very easily after this kind of diet.

If you want to lose weight really fast and healthy, you have to remember, that your healthy diet must include all nutrients and minerals to support your body functions, fibre to increase metabolic rate to burn more body fat and also plain water to cleanse your body from unwanted toxins.

What exactly you need to include in your diet to lose weight really fast and healthy? It is meat, poultry and fish in small amounts with plenty of salad, made of fresh veggies and dressed with olive oil. You have to eat small portions of meal at least 3 times a day, drink plain water between meals (about 2 litres a day in total). Try don’t feel hunger, otherwise you will not lose weight at all. You can kill your hunger by eating healthy snacks, such as fresh and dry fruits, nuts and seeds. All this stuff is rich of nutrients, minerals and fibre. Sometimes we feel false hunger and it is enough to drink just glass of plain water instead of having snack.

Another very important part of healthy natural weight loss is activity. To start to lose weight really fast and healthy sometime is enough to increase the exercise you normally do, or if you never did it before and you straggling to exercise but you need to do some, you can start walking. It should be intensive walking about 30minutes a day. Sometimes it is enough to burn extra few hundred calories to lose weight without serious changes in your eating plan.

To lose weight really fast and healthy and easy to maintain it for the rest of your life, is better to make little changes in your eating habits such as eat more fruits and veggies, small amount of meat poultry and fish; yogurt, low fat cheese, nuts and seeds and plenty of water. Also important is to avoid fizzy drinks or soft drinks and processed food or junk food –it is very harmful for your body, reduce consuming sweets and bakery. To have a successful long-term weight loss result, to increase your muscle mass and tone up your body is better to combine your new healthy eating plan with exercises on daily bases.

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