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How To Lose Weight : Sleep Deprivation
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How to Lose Weight : Sleep Deprivation

Today is going to be all about sleeping... not literally. I'll be telling you why sleeping is as important if not more than exercising through a recent study which i went through.

If you've read my previous aritcles I've been stressing a lot on healthy living being a tripod. The tripod consists of good amount of rest, exercise and a proper diet. The latter 2 are looked at with great respect if one has to maintain a health lifestyle, but rest is often neglected. I have repeatedly mention in my aritcles that rest is a very improtant part of all this. A good rest results in a person being more energetic, aware of surroundings etc. This is more true in teens.

The study that I was talking about mentions exactly the same thing. To give you a rough idea of what I read here are some improtant points (keep in mind that these studies are with respect to obesity in teens):

1. Fewer the hours of sleep, greater is the BMI above normal. This rise in BMI indicates the person is not at all healthy and has an imbalanced lifetyle. Sleep may be considered to be food for the brain.

2. In number of hours, if a person sleeps for less that 7 hours its unhealthy. The fewer the hours of sleep the greater is the BMI.

3. People consume more calories if they are sleep deprived, i.e. have less than required rest. This happens because deprivation of sleep causes increased production of a hormone, ghrelin, and decreases the produciton of hormone leptin. The latter is responsible for feelin full while the former stimulates appetite. The result is, yes you guessed it, obesity. This nice explanation was given by Dr Radha Rao.

Considering this small explainatioin, we can conclude easily that this affects one's metabolism in an adverse manner. An increased diet would result directly in increase calorise and with the exercise remaining same, one would gain weight. Not to mention the people would feel more lethargic and less eager to do any sort of work. One more thing which would happen is that that the muscles that are being exercised would get less time to recover. Hence, recovery will be partial and the muscle, instead of increasing in girth, might atrophy. This is sad news for the one exercising as it would lower his moral in a big way.

So keep in mind that rest is a prerequisite to a great body. One more thing I would like to mention here is that the study that i talked about is still to be proven but I have full faith that it would be done soon. Till next time.Happy sleeping.

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