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How To Make Your Own Eat Yourself Slim Recipies
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Dieting is a totally unnecessary pain. So Go ahead and make yourself some eat yourself slim recipes!

Recipes which have the correct combination and balance of natural foods will easily help you lose weight. One year ago I was very overweight and fed up of going on diet after diet. Everywhere I looked, especially on the internet had a new miracle cure to my weight problem. However I had made up my mind that I was going to lose weight myself and not go on any more stupid diets. I had enough of being conned by the diet industry and decided to go and find out for myself how to go about changing my lifestyle.

I researched quite a bit and realized that I knew all the answers already. It was staring me in the face all the time. I bet you know also. It was pretty simple. All the eat yourself slim recipes would involve more fruit and vegetables, less sugar and less refined carbohydrates. Of course low fat was part of this too.

In layman’s terms, I had to cut out pasta, bread, potatoes and rice and substitute them for vegetables and or fruit. This might sound hard but when you really think about it it's not that hard. Potatoes, bread, pasta, rice are all just sugar in a more complex form. You can get all the sugar your body needs from fruit and vegetables anyway.

I made it easy by thinking about what is best for my body. I substituted low nutrition food (pasta, potatoes, bread, rice) for high nutrition food (more vegetables). When you understand this principle you will find it really easy to put together your own eat yourself slim recipes.

Cook some lean meat and add a pile of vegetables. So instead of the pasta or potatoes or rice just have more vegetables. If its bolognaise, put a tone of vegetables in there instead of the pasta. If you are having a steak, ditch the fries and have a big salad instead. A favorite of mine in the evening is chicken or pork steak with stir fried vegetables.

Breakfast for me is either a home made fruit smoothie or a vegetable omelette. It's amazing how filling a home made smoothie is! Very often lunch would be either the omelette or smoothie option (the one I had not had for breakfast). And in the evening I have chicken, pork or fish with stir fried vegetables. To vary it a bit I would change the vegetables or add in a tomato based sauce.

The best way for successful eat yourself slim recipes is to keep it simple. If you find a few dishes that you like and can do, just repeat. The most successful weight loss and maintenance comes from keeping things simple and following the simple guidelines I have outlined here. Switch the low nutrition carbohydrates (pasta, bread, potatoes, rice) for high nutrition fruit and vegetables and you just cant go wrong.

I have lost and kept off a lot of weight by switching low nutrition foods for high nutrition foods and keeping it simple.

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